Acea with Ntt Data presents Waidy Management System, a digital platform for water protection

Ntt Data Italia and Acea presented today, on the occasion of the launch event of the two Italian Google Cloud regions, Waidy Management System (Wms), the cloud native solution for the protection of water resources, designed to optimize water management in networks. Intuitive and modern Digital Water Platform, Wms is a technological platform that facilitates the management of water resources throughout its life cycle, responding to the increasingly widespread need to rationalize the use of one of the most precious raw materials on our planet. . Management of water districts, data processing to control the volumes of water managed, centralized monitoring of service continuity and control of network maintenance activities: these are just some of the functions that Waidy Management System offers.

“Climate change is one of the main challenges that the planet will have to face in the near future, and it is a challenge that will affect everyone. – notes Luca Isetta, Chief Operating Officer of Ntt Data Italia -. At Ntt Data we strongly believe that in a context such as sustainability plays a crucial role today, and it is for this reason that we are proud to collaborate with Acea for the realization of a project that we are sure will make its contribution to raising awareness on the issue of all the companies that have a decisive role in the territory and citizenship and who are committed to creating a sustainable society “.

“Imagine if you turned on the tap and no more water came out… a far from remote hypothesis in many countries of the world. The availability of water – underlines Giovanni Papaleo Chief Operating Officer of the Acea Group – is one of the crucial issues in the 2030 Agenda and we, like Acea, feel the responsibility of guaranteeing the most sustainable management of water resources. Waidy Management System was created with the aim of offering an advanced tool for managing the integrated water cycle and of protecting and enhancing the water resource throughout the water cycle. It is a digital platform capable of supporting the decisions of our people, integrated with the operating systems and capable of guaranteeing service continuity. WMS is also an example of cultural and organizational evolution, in fact we are talking about a flexible, scalable and secure tool made completely in agile “.

The project was awarded the NTT Data Award 2022 at the end of a competition that involved all the over 50 countries in which NTT Data is present in the world. Waidy Management System was a candidate in the Sustainability section, which rewarded projects capable of making a social contribution, with a view to creating a sustainable company, while pursuing business objectives.