Achille Costacurta, punched in the face of a policeman: reported

The son of Billy Costacurta and Martina Colombari reported in Milan for resistance and violence against a public official

Achille Costacurta, son of former footballer Alessandro Costacurta and Martina Colombari, was reported for resistance and violence against a public official after he allegedly punched a traffic policeman in the face in Milan. The Day brings it back. This is an episode that took place on Tuesday evening around 11pm.

Once he got into a taxi, the boy, fresh from his participation in Beijing Express, would have started to go into a rage and the driver, frightened, turned to the traffic policemen on duty for the Fuori Salone complaining about the behavior of the customer who was damaging his vehicle and was yelling nonsense. According to what was reconstructed, the policemen would have tried to open the doors, but Costacurta’s response would have been to punch the policeman in the face, who reported a 7-day prognosis.

Subsequently immobilized, Costacurta was then taken to the Radiomobile headquarters in via Custodi, to the central arrest and detention office of the local police. At dawn he was entrusted to his father.