Action, Richetti: “It’s time for libdems. Enough chatter, we leave”

Congress in February. “Italy needs a liberal democratic space. The Democratic Party? Decide: either with the reformists or with the populists. No to the crowds, the broad field is also credible”.

Enough controversy, enough chatter, enough personalism. Action by Carlo Calenda leaves moorings and with a congress in February (the first since the movement’s foundation two years ago) he is a candidate to lead the aggregation project of a libdem area. “We are ready”, Matteo Richetti, senator and member of the National Action Directorate, told Adnkronos. “Enough bickering, discussions, saying that we are all equal at the start, which does not take into account the potential of Action. Faced with the hypothesis of federations, constituent assemblies that did not start, we have decided to close the chatter and move on to substance by strengthening the our project “.

Richetti, what is this congress for? “The congress serves two major aspects. 2022 will be the year of the rooting and strengthening of the party and the congress also serves this purpose exactly two years after the birth of Action. It is the occasion in which you give yourself a governance on the territory and the tour that Calenda has started throughout Italy also serves this purpose. And then, the second aspect, is the construction and sharing of a strong political line between now and the next political elections, involving the entire party base “.

Building a centrist pole? “Our idea is that in Italy we need a space for reformists and liberal democrats and Action is a candidate to build that space. Ours will be an open congress – in the meantime to Più Europa with which we are already in Parliament -, a congress that starts from a very explicit proposal: neither with sovereignists nor with populists. From here we start to arrive at a strong and unitary subject. But let’s be clear: nothing to do with centrist formulas that group together some acronyms. We have the ambition to aggregate a central piece of society and the electorate “. Double-digit goal result? “Stock is stably at 4 percent. With serious work, you can get there.”

Renzi? No controversy but be consistent ‘

Richetti, no to an aggregation of acronyms but of electorate but in that political space there are also other subjects. What do you do with Matteo Renzi’s Italia Viva? “I have the utmost respect for Matteo who was a fellow traveler. But be consistent. We say ‘neither with populists nor with sovereigns’ but then it’s not like we go to administrative offices with 5 Stars, like in Naples, right to name a case … “. He will admit that between Calenda and Renzi there is a competition on the leadership of the reformist area … “I believe that Calenda is objectively recognized for his seriousness. I believe that Carlo’s is the most credible leader.”

And with Letta’s Democratic Party, what is the relationship? “It is the relationship of those who have never given up on dialogue with the Democratic Party. With a solicitation, however, do you want to build a liberal and progressive camp or do you want to be with the populists? A guarantee camp or are you with Bonafede? The Democratic Party must make a choice. . At the piled up we say no. Also because, as we have seen in the past, maybe you win but then you don’t govern. In addition to being wide, the field should also be made credible “.

‘us for proportional to the German with robust threshold’

The congress immediately after the election of the President of the Republic, there is a risk that it is the congress that opens the electoral campaign … “I did not expect certain moves by the Democratic Party … Like the table of leaders: what is the The only name that could keep everyone together on the Hill? The only one is Draghi. In any case, no fear if we go to the early vote. The electoral campaigns do not scare us “.

And if, on the other hand, there is no vote, a discussion on the electoral law could start after the Quirinale. What is your position? “Carlo and I are for the majority but we take note of the reality and perhaps it is appropriate to put a German proportional system with a strong barrier back at the center”.

Returning to the February congress, how is it organized? “In the meantime, it will be a congress open to members only because it is right to focus on the people who have formally joined Action. We are 20 thousand, we plan to grow in the coming weeks. The Calenda tour also serves to increase membership. From 12 to January 16, those enrolled will be able to elect the provincial secretaries and the national secretary “. Calenda then? “Yes, I do not think there are other candidates … The members will also elect the provincial governing councils – the sum of the provincial directors will make up the regional assembly that will elect the regional secretary – and, in the ballot in which the secretary is voted, they will also elect the 300 members who will make up the congress assembly. From 18 to 20 February there will be a congress with the ratification of the secretary and the election of the national Direction of 30 members. We are ready to go “.