Action, the 1st congress in Rome. Calenda to Pd, Lega and Fi: “We never with Fdi and M5S. And you?”

“In two years we have become the first party”. Letta: “Together we will win policies 2023”. Giorgetti: “Wide spaces for collaboration”

“What is the logic?”. Carlo Calenda asks Enrico Letta, Giancarlo Giorgetti, Antonio Tajani, Roberto Speranza, Ettore Rosato. The big names of Pd, Lega, Fi, Leu, Iv gathered in the audience for the first Action congress. A ‘dream team’ for 2023 policies. Or perhaps for post-2023 policies. And the logic on which Calenda is wondering is that political forces belonging to the great European families must ally themselves with “populists and sovereignists”.

“We come from the great European political families – says Calenda – but then we go to the elections with Fdi and M5S? But where in the cultural roots of the European social democrats, popular and liberals there is the possibility of submitting to sovereignists and populists? We will not be never allied with populists and sovereigns, the choice is yours “. With the Democratic Party that detaches itself from the 5 Stars and the League that is ‘desalvinized’. And again: “We do not accept comparison with M5S and Fdi. It is a clear and defined choice because dialogue is made starting from common values”.

For this reason, the path of Action at the moment remains that of autonomy. “If something new does not happen we will see the same formations. And what we have seen will start again: talking about fascists, communists, traitors to the homeland. We want to give citizens a third choice”, says Calenda who will be elected Secretary of Action to his tomorrow. first congress. “But what have we done in these two years? Think back to every time we were told we couldn’t do it” and today “we are the sixth Italian party according to the polls”, he underlines, warming up the audience.

Read, ‘together we will win politics’ – Giorgetti, ‘spaces for collaboration’ and on the electoral, ‘I have no taboo’

The attention for the movement that between today and tomorrow will become a party in all respects is there, given the list of the big players who attended the Action congress. Enrico Letta has no doubts in including Calenda in the broad field of the center-left: “I am sure that together we will do great things for our country, I am sure that you will play an important role and that together, without ambiguity between us, we will win the political elections. of 2023 and we will give a reformist and pro-European government to this country “.

And Giorgetti observes: “I cannot promise you as Letta did that we will be together and win the elections but there are certainly great spaces for collaboration between us”. Also on the reforms to be made, perhaps even the electoral law. “I have no taboos, I discuss everything”, says Giorgetti but, he stresses, “a proportional electoral law made simply to give someone an advantage is always wrong. The electoral law must allow for a government that can decide, raise a new ruling class” .

For his part, Calenda is clear in identifying in Giorgetti’s League and not in Salvini’s, the interlocutor with whom to confront: “The League can be an interlocutor if it decides what to be. If it is Giorgetti’s one, it is possible to dialogue. is Salvini’s it cannot be: it is neither dignified nor serious to say one thing in the morning and to say the opposite in the evening “.

Letta-Giorgetti harmony on government – Pd secretary, ‘full support for the Draghi method’

In the first morning of the Action congress there was also a lot of talk about government, government action and Draghi with a certain harmony in the assessments of Letta and Giorgetti. “On behalf of the Democratic Party” I say that “we want to support without any ambiguity today and in the coming months, the reforming action of the Draghi government, we want to carry it out for the good of the country without ambiguity”, Letta says, referring to the stop and go of the League on government support.

And Giorgetti seems to agree with the secretary of the Democratic Party: “The challenges that await us require demanding choices that require a government that not only can, but also knows how to decide, a democracy that helps growth without thinking about electoral benefits”. And for Letta we need a method to face the next few months and arrive “successfully” at the end of the legislature.

“I believe it is very important that we give ourselves as a method that of non-negotiable and negotiable themes”. Non-negotiable issues, adds the secretary of the Democratic Party, “on which the government believes the question of trust should be posed. And this element of clarity is important to be placed immediately”. And then “there are issues on which we negotiate, we discuss in Parliament and what has not happened in the past few weeks and months, I believe, should become a working method or this very clear distinction. , we are there “.