Actors’ strike, Halloween costumes banned by SAG-AFTRA, from Barbie to Wednesday

There is no peace in the Hollywood Hills where the union struggle continues, despite the fact that in the rest of the country, adults and children are working hard in view of October 31st, the day on which the Halloween celebrations.
Given the importance of the holiday in the Anglo-Saxon world, SAG-AFTRA has launched some directives for its members called to stick to a series of guidelines which concern the choice of disguises. Since characters from the world of entertainment compete with costumes (with results that normally end up online and on social media), the union recommends that the choice this year falls exclusively on scary characters who belong to a generic horror imagery. Disguises as characters that refer to cinema and TV are excluded because a choice in this sense would translate into a promotion of the products of the Studios against which the union is currently fighting.

Halloween a fighting tool

Halloween 2023 will be a party without masks Barbie but, according to the latest guidelines published by SAG-AFTRA, it will be difficult to see in Hollywood too Ken, Robert Oppenheimer, Wednesdayhey Super heroes of films Marvel because the latter are also linked to Disney, a company that has ended up in the crosshairs of US actors’ and artists’ unions.
Cothe hundredth day of the strike – goal reached on October 21st – the unions are increasingly tightening their grip to give a turning point to the negotiations which, after the stop on October 11th, will resume on Tuesday 24th.
Even Halloween, more precisely, the costumes linked to the party, becomes a point on which to clash and maintain a firm position. Dressing up as characters from films or television series would mean giving a promotional push to all those products that were created and distributed through the companies against which the artists are on strike. The official website of the union therefore clarifies that for this season those costumes that refer generically to Halloween are appreciated (in other words, allowed). The notice, accompanied by a summary graphic, is currently not available.

Forbidden inspirations: cinema and TV

Yes to spirits, zombies, spiders, monsters and witches, as long as the latter do not recall either those of Eastwick or the Sanderson sisters of Hocus Pocus.
The exit did not please some of the most famous members of the over one hundred and seventy thousand union members who used social media to protest. He did it Mandy Moore but also Ryan Reynolds who was already looking forward to a Halloween night in style with his children.
Is this the solution to the sector’s problems? Ban Barbie and Ken costumes? They ask the film and TV stars who promptly got one reply from the union who specified that the bans apply to adults. THE children can dress as they want without being considered dissidents or saboteurs of the cause.

The squeeze in the season of Barbiemania

Not even the festive atmosphere of Halloween, therefore, managed to calm the tone between the representatives of the two warring factions who, however, will sit at the negotiating table on Tuesday 24 October to restart talks.
Never like this year has the popularity of titles like Barbie and Oppenheimer had made their interpreters hope for awave of themed costumes that would fill them with joy. Ryan GoslingThe Ken of the Greta Gerwig film, had mentioned in an interview last summer that he was impatient because this year Halloween would certainly see a surge in costumes inspired by his character, a real dream for him. While Ken’s costumes become popular all over the world, it will be the American actor himself who will have to keep the iconic one in his wardrobe cowboy costume or the one with Rocky style fur coat which drove the spectators crazy.
With the ban on taking inspiration from characters from the big and small screen, we will have to work harder but those who don’t want to do so can always dress up as strikers, with black clothes and a picket line, a costume that certainly won’t be displeasing to the union.