Adamari López broke the silence with her position between the controversy of Shakira and Piqué

The story involving the singer Shakira and the former soccer player Gerard Piqué It had new chapters in recent days when the artist decided to move with her children to Miami and after her ex offered an interview where she talked about everything. The Colombian and her children Milan and Sasha are no longer in Barcelona and there is a lot of expectation for what will come.

Shakira posing. Source: Instagram @shakira

In this frame, Gerard Piqué He offered an interview to a streaming program where he talked about his ex-partner and was concerned about what “beef” can cause to the people who are targeted. “The issue of throwing beef, which is very good and it’s fashion and the zasca and such, but then we don’t think about the consequences that it can have on a mental level in the people to whom you throw the beef”, remarked the owner of Kosmos in relation to the song by Shakira and her girlfriend Clara Chía Martí.

Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti. Source: Instagram @3gerardpique

“What has to happen? That someone commits suicide to think after we have gone too far? The people, man… I am very disappointed with what society is”, continued Gerard Piqué and left the door open so that his own Shakira express themselves on social networks. Much more concise and focused on a phrase from the former soccer player who spoke contemptuously of Latin Americans, the singer wrote “Proud to be Latin American” and shared the flags of all the countries that make up the continent.

Adamari López gave his position between the controversy of Shakira and Piqué

While the noise about this new chapter still continues after the separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué, the Puerto Rican actress and presenter, Adamari Lopez, He shared a video in which he stated his position on the matter and affirmed that she is team Shakira. She based her arguments on her own past experiences, taking into account the separations she experienced with the musician Luis Fonsi and later with the dancer Toni Costa.

Adamari Lopez posing. Source: Instagram @adamarilopez

“One has to be coherent with actions and words. He is not coherent, because at some point he may not have thrown beef the way Shakira does. What he did to Shakira could also lead her to suicide” , pointed out Adamari López and added: “I wish a lot of psychological help for those children who are facing the separation of their parents”, referring to the children of Shakira and Piqué who will now start a new life in Miami, after having lived in Barcelona since they were born.