Adamari Lopez comes out in defense of Shakira in the scandal with Clara Chía and Gerard Piqué

The scandal between Shakira and Piqué continues to be in the news worldwide, and now Adamari Lopez has decided to share his opinion on the matter.

Let us agree that during the last days Clara Chia Martithe new girlfriend of Gerard Piquéhas been criticized by some media for her alleged visit to a hospital due to a nervous breakdown, as a result of the media commotion that has been generated around her after the release of the song that Shakira did with bizarre.

Were Andrea Meza and Penelope Menchaca have defended Clara Chia and they have pointed out that the attacks on her are not justifiable, especially if they are generating panic attacks.

However, Adamari reacted differently on his television program “Today”.


Adamari pointed out that he does not agree with the words of his companions and that he would put himself in Shakira’s shoes.

The television presenter pointed out that Clara decided to be part of a story with public figures and that she is facing one of the most respected women in the music industry.

“She knew she was in a relationship, she may have expected or not agreed to go out with him … instead of having a thing with a man who had a 12-year relationship with a woman,” Adamari said.

Andrea Meza did not agree with the presenter and pointed out that Piqué is responsible for having broken the relationship. However, Adamari added that Clara entered knowing the situation and that this is wrong and has no principles either.

The Telemundo audience has shown their support for Adamari’s words and have left comments in his favor.