Adamari López was fired from Telemundo without knowing it! How did she react?

For more than a decade, Adamari Lopez He was one of the most recognizable faces on Telemundo, but his career on the network came to an abrupt end. Although the company announced that her departure was by “mutual agreement”, sources close to the actress assure that this is not true and that Adamari did not know anything about her dismissal.

Even hours before her surprise departure, the protagonist of “Wild Cat” shared a story on her Instagram account where she proudly announced that the “Today” program would be extended to four hours from next week, which still makes more suspicious the sudden decision of Telemundo.

How did Adamari López react to the news of her dismissal?

According to a source close to the actress who spoke with People, she was surprised: “The news took her by surprise because she did not know anything.” Despite this, Adamari was calm and focused on preparing the first communion of her daughter Alaia de ella.

But why was she fired?

There are still no concrete details about the real reasons behind Adamari’s dismissal, but there are rumors that his presence on the program she was being questioned by the audience and that there were discrepancies with some of her co-workers.

On his last day on the network, Adamari gave an emotional farewell message on the “Today” program: “With the same love and affection that I have put in since day one, I have to inform you that after a joint decision, I no longer I will accompany you every morning.” The actress thanked the network and her colleagues for the opportunity to develop professionally, and assured that she will continue to work with the same energy and dedication as always.

However, Adamari’s departure from Telemundo has not been without controversy. Recently, the actress was criticized for some photos she shared of her daughter’s first communionwhere many believe that focused too much on his own appearance and not in the event itself. Although he had a lot of support, there was no shortage of those who they accused her of excessive vanity.

In any case, the future of Adamari López after her dismissal from Telemundo remains uncertain. Will he join another television network? Will she focus on her acting career? We will be commenting on you.