Adamari López’s heartfelt message that moved everyone

Warming up engines, Adamari López and Toni Costa they are still rehearsing for their final dance in “¡Así se baila!”, the dance that the Puerto Rican described as the closing of a stage. “I am very happy that we can somehow close a moment in our lives. We started dancing and that is how we will end up on the track of “Así se baila!” ”The host answered Andrea Meza.

Of course, 10 years have passed since they began their relationship. At that moment, the Spaniard and the Puerto Rican merged into an embrace, tightened their abdomens and, accompanied by a tango, began their love story. This story that began with the aroma of the port of Buenos Aires, ended with a bitter taste, but with the energy of Florida, since they both reside in Miami but now in separate houses.

Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa shared many important moments together. Among them the death of Vidalina Torres, her mother. The woman died of cancer, the same disease that Adamari battled in 2005 and managed to overcome. On Instagram, the host shared a photograph of the lady next to the message “Kisses to heaven my pretty mommy.”

Source: Instagram @adamarilopez

On his mother’s birthday he also wrote “I miss you a lot and I need your hugs, your advice and your smile. I love you with all my soul!”. Also this year he shared his pain through the networks regarding his father’s birthday. “Kiss up to the sky, my cute daddy. I miss you very much, I think about you and feel close to you. Today, although you are not physically here, I celebrate your 92 years and I recount in my mind all the moments I spent with you. I love you! “He wrote Adamari. The father died during the actress’s pregnancy and neither of them could meet little Alaïa.

Source: Instagram @adamarilopez