Adele gives the high school teacher tickets to one of her concerts

It is certainly one of the most beautiful gifts received for his thirty years, celebrated with the disc 30, fourth of its history. Adele, on the occasion of the registration of the special An Audience With Adele, she said, stimulated by the actress Emma Thompson, that if there is one person who particularly inspired her when she was younger, that is certainly the teacher she had when she attended Chestnut Grove: “It was Miss McDonald – Adele recalled – he taught English and made me passionate about literature. I think that’s why I write lyrics now. The teacher had remained alone for a year, however, leaving an indelible memory: “She knew how to be engaging and we students knew that she worried about us. She had lots of gold bracelets and rings. She was very cool and nice, I couldn’t wait to follow the his lessons “. After the story, Emma Thompson announced that Miss McDonald was in the room: the teacher went up on stage and embraced, moved, Adele in tears.

But the story did not end on that stage, it continued: Adele’s team took steps to get the former teacher’s phone number, the artist wanted to contact her again. And the first message of affection was to give her and her family the best possible tickets (apparently £ 500 each) to attend her concerts at BST Hyde Park in London. Adele wants Miss McDonald and her loved ones to have fun and take care of them firsthand.