ADI Design Index 2023: the best of Italian design selected, pre-selection for the Compasso d’Oro 2024 begins

The pre-selection process for the Compasso d’Oro 2024 has come to an end in Milan with the official presentation of the ADI Design Index 2023, which took place at the ADI Design Museum in Milan.

This selection highlights 219 products and services that represent the best of contemporary Italian design. In addition, 19 projects created by design students from Italian universities were included, offering a glimpse into the future of the profession.

The relevance of the ADI Design Index 2023 is manifested in the diversification of the categories of the selected products. In addition to the traditional ones home furnishings (46 products) et al lighting design (18), design for the workplace (23), the design of materials and technological systems (17), communication and exhibition design (with 16 selected each), and research for business (14 products).

The category dedicated to theoretical research and editorial initiatives include 17 products. Overall, this selection reflects positively on the development of new proposals, both theoretical and practical, highlighting the sector’s ability to spread quality.

ADI Design Index 2023, together with the 2022 selection, thus completes the list of candidates for the XXVIII edition of the prestigious biennial Compasso d’Oro award, scheduled for 2024 on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of its foundation in 1954.

During the presentation in Milan, the president of ADI Luciano Galimberti, the president of the ADI Collezione Compasso d’Oro Foundation Umberto Cabini, and institutional representatives such as Barbara Mazzali of the Lombardy Region and Annibale D’Elia of the Municipality of Milan spoke.

The key word of this edition of the ADI Design Index is “quality”, as underlined by president Luciano Galimberti. Quality manifests itself in design proposals, in production, in processes and becomes a distinctive and structural element for sustainable and responsible development, contributing to the connection of the entire Italian design supply chain.

The exhibition, inaugurated at the ADI Design Museum (visible until November 19th), will move to Rome on November 27th, hosted in the WeGil Space, in Largo Ascianghi 5 in Trastevere.

Among the many products and projects selected in the Adi Design Inditex 2023 we highlight for example the Reef armchair by Connubia, designed by Michele Menescardi. Each element has been studied from an eco-sustainable and circular perspective, from the internal structure, made up of wood from FSC certified forests to the padding, derived from expanded polyurethane recycled from discarded mattresses together with production waste from the furniture and furniture supply chains. textile industry. The covering is also characterized by a new and sustainable fabric: Oceanic, obtained from the recovery of plastic waste in the seas and on the beaches. A design product that tells a conscious story of our time and that is committed to contributing to change.

Also Aline, the stainless steel tap designed by Marco Piva for Fratelli Frattini, has entered the selection of the ADI Design Index 2023. Aline is characterized by its linear and essential design, the tap is made of stainless steel with a brushed stainless steel finish. Its cylindrical and slender body emerges from a thin and light square base, while the handle, without cuts on the back, takes the shape of a prism composed of full-height triangles, expressing a refined and rigorous geometry.

There collection of Optical Trips grit tiles, designed by the Meneghello Paolelli studio for Mipa, has attracted the attention of the ADI, earning a well-deserved place in the Design Index 2023. Optical Trips presents itself as a versatile collection, divided into four distinctive lines (Vertice, Traverso, Mediana , Eccentric). The four decorative motifs share a unique design matrix, based on the innovative concept of using a single module which, randomly arranged, generates a great variety of results.

Gonzato Group’s Arteferro System has earned a place in the Design Index 2023, selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory. Arteferro System, in fact, represents a revolutionary solution for the creation of parapets, balconies and fences. It combines the refined aesthetics of semi-finished iron products with the practicality of ready-to-use modules, complete with everything needed for the composition.

And finally also the Levante suspension lamp, created by Marco Spatti for Luceplan, has obtained inclusion in the ADI Design Index 2023. Levante presents itself as a majestic chandelier with a strong emotional impact, generated by the harmonious fusion of three large fans made with a new material in the design panorama , coming from the food sector. This material stands out for its ability to uniformly spread light across its entire surface and is also washable, resistant and completely recyclable.