Administrative, in the municipalities it is ‘wide field’: M5S almost everywhere with the Pd

final touches to the puzzle applications, here is the map from Genoa to Palermo

In Rome, relations between the Pd and M5S have never been so tense but there is a ‘wide field’ in the area. In the administrative match in June, the 5 Stars almost everywhere support the candidates for mayor of the Democratic Party. The puzzle of the center-left candidacies is in the final touches and the names in the field in the main cities to vote are now defined: 4 regional capitals (Genoa, Palermo, L’Aquila and Catanzaro) and the 22 provincial capitals called to renew the administrations on June 12th. About a third of female candidates.

GENOA – Pd, Leu and 5 Stelle support Ariel Dello Strologo, lawyer and president of the Jewish Community of Genoa, who will challenge the outgoing and re-nominated mayor Marco Bucci, supported by the center-right and beyond. In Genoa, in fact, Carlo Calenda sided with Bucci, without however putting the Action symbol next to those of the center-right. Italia Viva has not yet dissolved the reserve.

PALERMO – After months of stop and go, the knot of the Sicilian capital has also dissolved: the 5 Stars will support Franco Miceli, president of the order of architects, civic proposed by the Democratic Party. Iv runs alone with the group leader in the Senate, Davide Faraone, while Fabrizio Ferrandelli will be a candidate for Action and + Europe.

L’AQUILA – Here in the field is the parliamentary Pd Stefania Pezzopane who has already opened the electoral campaign. There are already six lists announced in support of the dem candidacy: that of the Democratic Party of course, L’Aquila Coraggiosa, a list of socialist inspiration, L’Aquila Nuova Città Territorio, the Demos list.

CATANZARO – A broad coalition ranging from the Democratic Party to De Magistris, 5 Stars and Leu is in the field for the candidacy of the university professor, Nicola Fiorita.

ALESSANDRIA – In the field for the center left there is Giorgio Abonante, 46 years old, former councilor, will be supported by the Pd, M5s, Moderati for Abonante, Green Europe Alessandria, Abonante list for Alessandria and Alessandria Civica.

ASTI – Here the candidate of the center left is Paolo Crivelli, cardiologist and infectious disease specialist, specialized in tropical diseases in Liverpool, who has a long experience in Africa behind him. There will also be a ‘centrist’ candidate: Marco Demaria, musician from Asti supported by Action, Italia Viva, + Europa and the Volt association.

BARLETTA – The Apulian capital has found itself in the spotlight in recent weeks for having ended up at the center of a clash between the national Democratic Party and the governor Michele Emiliano. The Nazarene had asked that work be done for a ‘broad progressive field’ model coalition but the governor has nominated the dem Santa Scommegna for mayor, proposing a coalition of the Democratic Party only with civic refugees from the center-right. Meanwhile, Francesco Boccia has been appointed by Letta as commissioner in Puglia. “There is little time left to close the latest agreements on the administrative 2022. We need farsightedness, generosity and the maximum possible unity between progressives and reformists”, he said today in Bari.

BELLUNO – In the capital the situation is almost defined and in the absence of news, the center-left could be divided: the Democratic Party and two lists of the outgoing majority have chosen the ex-administrator of Bim Gsp Giuseppe Vignato, who will also have civic support. The left-most part, on the other hand, converges on the outgoing deputy mayor, Lucia Olivotto.

COMO – In the Lombard capital the pattern changes: the Democratic Party is in fact in coalition with the ‘centrists’ without the 5 Stars. In the field Barbara Minghetti supported by Civic Turn, Democratic Party, Agenda Como 2030 and Green Europe and Como Municipality.

CUNEO – Even in Cuneo the Democratic Party will not be allied with the 5 Stars. “Not in Cuneo. There the candidate of a moderate coalition that shared the experience of the mayor Federico Borgna will be Patrizia Manassero”, said the regional secretary of the dem, Paolo Furia, yesterday in an interview.

FROSINONE- The center-left mayoral candidate is Domenico Marzi, former mayor of Frosinone from 1998 to 2007. Candidate from the Democratic Party will be supported by Articolo Uno, Italia Viva, Demos, Europa Verde, Socialismo Tricolore. The decision of M5S is awaited.

GORIZIA – The candidate for mayor Laura Fasiolo, former senator of the Democratic Party, will have the support of the 5 Stars in the challenge to the outgoing, Rodolfo Ziberna.

LA SPEZIA – Piera Sommovigo, a 53-year-old lawyer, will be the mayoral candidate for the center-left coalition supported by the Democratic Party, LeAli in Spezia Lista Sansa, Movimento 5 Stelle.

LODI – It is Andrea Furegato, the young center-left mayoral candidate: just 25 years old. And it is supported by a ‘very wide’ field with the Democratic Party, Movimento 5 stelle, Italia Viva, Action and Article One as well as numerous civic lists.

LUCCA – Francesco Raspini, outgoing councilor of the Tambellini junta and winner of the center-left primaries against Ilaria Vietina, is the candidate of a coalition which includes Pd, Sinistra Con, Lucca Futura and Europa Verde-Verdi Lucca. A few days ago, the secretary Letta was in Lucca to support Raspini’s candidacy.

MESSINA – It will be Franco De Domenica, secretary of the Pd of Messina, to run as mayor of the city, supported not only by the dems by Article One, Cambiamo Messina dal Basso, IdeaMessina, MessinaAccomuna, Movimento 5Stelle, + Europa, Students and youth network, Volt .

MONZA – Even in Monza, as in Cuneo and Como, Pd and M5S should be divided. In fact, in the field there are Paolo Pilotto supported by Pd, Italia Viva, Action, Possible, Lab Monza and eMonzAttiva), while the 5 Star Movement will have its candidate, Elisabetta Bardone.

ORISTANO – The former councilor and current leader of the Democratic Party in the council, Efisio Sanna, will be the candidate for mayor in the Sardinian capital. He will be supported by Pd, Article One, Movimento 5 Stelle, Italian Left, Italian Socialist Party and Oristano Democratica e Possibile.

PADUA – A recent poll gave it over 60%. The outgoing mayor Sergio Giordani seems to be on the way to reconfirmation. Supported by Pd, Italia Viva, Article One, Action and the Greens. The support of the 5 stars is still uncertain. There are also several civic lists in support and in one of these the 23-year-old Giulio Crisanti, son of the well-known microbiologist Andrea, is a candidate.

PARMA – The center-left is united in Parma with Michele Guerra, councilor of the outgoing mayor Federico Pizzarotti, former grillino. Guerra is also supported by Onda (+ Europe, Italian Radicals and Volt) and La Sinistra coraggiosa (Coraggiosa, Article One and Italian Left), Italia Viva.

PIACENZA – Internal competition at the wide field in Piacenza. The Pd regional councilor, Katia Tarasconi, will be the candidate of a coalition made up of Pd, Article 1, Coraggiosa, Psi, Action, Italia Viva, Pc Olt. At the head of the list of the Democratic Party that will support her, there is the former minister Paola De Micheli. While Stefano Cugini, former leader of the Democratic Party, will have the support of Alternativa per Piacenza and Movimento 5 stelle.

PISTOIA – Federica Fratoni, former regional councilor for the environment, is the candidate for mayor of the municipality of Pistoia for the Democratic Party. You supported by Italia Viva while the left has not yet dissolved the reserve.

RIETI – In Rieti the candidate is Simone Petrangeli who won the primary. It is supported by the Democratic Party and the left. The 5 Stars have not yet defined their position.

TARANTO – Rinaldo Melucci, Pd, is the outgoing mayor. He is at the head of a coalition that will hold together the Pd, M5S, Article One and other center-left forces, parties and civic lists.

VERONA – A ‘very wide’ pitch for the former footballer Damiano Tommaso. Tommasi’s candidacy is supported by Pd, Più Europa, Socialist Party, Green Europe, Demos and the 5 Star Movement. Action of Calenda should also be there.

VITERBO – The match in Viterbo has not yet ended. The candidate in pectore of the Democratic Party is Alessandra Troncarelli, regional councilor for social policies.