Administrative, the triumph of Letta who now looks at politics

“An extraordinary result” that “strengthens” also “the government”, says the secretary of the Democratic Party who dictates the rules of engagement for the wide field: “Seriousness and linearity”

It had gone well in October, even better in June. In the last round of elections before the 2023 policies, Enrico Letta and the Democratic Party took home a victory beyond expectations. The administrative ones mark the conquest of cities such as Verona, Alessandria, Piacenza snatched from the center-right. And then Pweapon, Catanzaro, Cuneo, Carrara. One last positive test before starting the one-year path that leads to politics.

Read with the group leaders Simona Malpezzi and Debora Serracchiani, the head of Local Authorities Francesco Boccia arrives, smiling, in the press room at the Nazarene shortly after midnight in the hot Roman night. “An extraordinary result that fully satisfies us. A result that is even more important if we look at the merits: we overthrow outgoing center-right mayors very significantly, I think of Verona, Alessandria, Piacenza and from what we understand also Monza “.

Results that arrive, claims Letta, which reward the Democratic Party thanks “to the work done in recent months and therefore we need to celebrate as we are doing throughout Italy”. And a few ironies on the wide field dem line. The Democratic Party has “woven the thread of the wide field wide field has been the subject of teasing and the teasing at this time has turned against those who made them why s
i see that this strategy pays offbecause we win and win well in a convincing way “.

And a winning line, it doesn’t change. But the secretary dictates the rules of engagement for those who want to compete with the Democratic Party in the construction of a project to beat the right. Read does not ‘geographically’ perimeter the field, but delimits its political boundaries. “In the end linearity and seriousness pays: the Democratic Party wins, the center-left wins because seriousness, responsibility, linearity are more important than any other consideration. difficulties and faced with this there is a need for a policy that must give reliability “.

According to the secretary, one of the reasons for the defeat of the center-right is also this lack of ‘coherence’. “The center-right loses and loses badly everywhere also because in some cases he has made incredible choices. In some places the center-right has chosen an outcast from the center-left as its candidate and for me this is the worst choice that can be made. Those candidates lost, I am thinking of the sensational result of Catanzaro and I think that this is also the sign of linearity which means that we work consistently and in the end this pays off “.

Consequently, the victory of the ‘responsible, linear and coherent’ Democratic Party is also positive for the Draghi government. The result tonight “strengthens the government. It is a result of civic elections but – Letta emphasizes – if there had been a different result there would have been consequences or negative elements. This result strengthens the stability of the government and for me this counts in a moment like the one we are experiencing “. From tomorrow the game will start for the policies and for the secretary of the Democratic Party” this result strengthens us in view of the future, of the construction of a center left that is also a winner at the national level for next year’s policies. From tomorrow morning we get to work to prepare for next year’s political elections and to go with the same determination, linearity, well-chosen unitary candidates without tearing and a job that holds together a wide field, wherever unity has rewarded “.