Adnkronos is on WhatsApp, how to sign up

Already over 8 thousand registered

Adnkronos, the first private news agency in Italy, has its own official channel on WhatsApp. There are already over 8 thousand registered members. But how do you sign up? “We are happy to offer our readers a new way to stay informed in real time,” said Adnkronos director Davide Desario. “The Adnkronos WhatsApp channel is a simple and immediate tool that allows you to receive a selection of our news directly on your smartphone, in a very familiar form and widely used by most Italians. An innovation that adds to the many implemented from a Group that has in its DNA the ability to always keep up with the times and to be able to best convey what is happening in Italy and around the world”.

How to subscribe to the Adnkronos WhatsApp channel

To subscribe to the Adnkronos WhatsApp channel, simply update the WhatsApp app and search for the “Adnkronos” channel via the “Find channels” function in the “Updates” section. Or, very simply, by clicking on this direct link to the channel:

Once registered, users can activate notifications (just click on the bell symbol, at the top right of the screen) to be notified every time a new article is published.

WhatsApp channels: how they work

Unlike private chats, WhatsApp channels are a broadcasting, i.e. one-way, transmission tool. Users cannot reply to messages, nor share them with others, but only add, completely anonymously, a “reaction”. Following a channel will not reveal the users’ phone number to the channel’s administrators or to other users, respecting privacy