Adriana Barrientos demonstrates what is the ideal swimsuit for 40-year-old women

Adriana Barrientos He has already said on more than one occasion that he is “looking for pololo”. After learning about the alleged break between Martín Cárcamo and Ale del Sante, La Fiera brought it up in Zona de Estrellas. “I like Martín, I’m going to add him to Instagram,” he expressed without filters.

Adriana He confessed: “I’ve always liked Martín Cárcamo, but I think he doesn’t like me. I don’t know, like I’m not his profile ”. And he explained why he thinks so: “The other time I came to the Zona de Estrellas awards with my suit, beautiful and all pretty, and I totally went into the background… Martin has never looked at me in his life, I swear, and I I have tried several times to make him look at me because I find him too small”.

Finally, Barrientos He gave his opinion of why the presenter doesn’t like it: “I think he likes little girls who are cuicas like that heavy, like very pelolais. Last name Matte, okay.” “No Barrientos”, he closed between laughs.

Adriana Barrientos. Source: Instagram @leonabarrientos

This Tuesday, May 9, La Leona shared a new publication on her networks where she greeted her fans. “Good morning, waiting for you Amore on my page …… the link is in the bio”. Besides Adriana she took advantage of the moment to look for pololo: “I will spend this autumn winter alone, I would love it if you would come looking for me to rescue me from this loneliness, I am always waiting for you here in the chat on my page, kisses”.

Adriana Barrientos in a bathing suit. Source: Instagram @leonabarrientos

“anyone else looking for a polola pololo?” he asked the fans of him. More than 1,100 people left her ‘Like’. “Gorgeous. See you in the star zone. You have angel charisma”, “You are very beautiful. And of course, I’m looking for a girlfriend ”and“ My platonic love Leona diosaaaaaaaaaa ”were just some of the messages she received in instagram. La Leona wore a comfortable black swimsuit, perfect for women over 40.