Adriana Barrientos’ harsh warning to Cristián de la Fuente

The driver Adriana Barrientos The 42-year-old is one of the most controversial figures on Chilean television and that is because La Leona does not hold anything back. She is currently in charge of the Zona de Estrellas program and she is also very popular on social networks where she accumulates more than a million followers.

In the most recent broadcast of Zona de Estrellas, Adriana Barrientos He was talking with his colleagues about the most talked about divorces in show business and it was the turn of Christian de la Fuente, who was in the eye of the storm at the end of last year because he was caught kissing a woman who was not Angélica Castro.

“There are people who lack pants, and one of those is Cristian de la Fuente. Buddy, you’re missing pants… I’m not sending you to tell anyone. If tomorrow it is not solved, I am going to behave like an ordinary ”, she said in an offended tone Adriana Barrientos under the watchful eye of all.

Adriana Barrientos. Source: Terra archive

then the lioness He added: “I am a person who has values, I am not just any mine who walks around in life and since I am a decent person I deserve respect” and explained “May Mr. Cristian de la Fuente Do not come to disrespect me, much less block me on Instagram when I have been the most decent person you have come across in your life ”.

Cristian de la Fuente: Source: Terra archive

Finally Adriana Barrientos gave an ultimatum to Christian de la Fuente for her actions on social networks and said: “If you remind me that I am broken by blocking myself, I will remember that I am broken and if it is not solved tomorrow, I will behave like an ordinary one.”