Adriana Barrientos worried her followers after appearing in a clinic

Adriana Barrientos, the renowned model and panelist for Zona de Estrellas, known as La Leona, is at the German Clinic being treated for a health problem. Through her Instagram stories, Adriana shared images that surprised her followers, who quickly expressed her concern about her state of health.

According to her publications, the model presented symptoms of fever and was lying on a bed in the clinic. Her followers were concerned when they saw the model’s situation, since in previous hours she had shared videos with her brother in which she seemed to be in good health.

The situation has generated great uncertainty among her followers, who continue to wonder what brought the model to the clinic. Meanwhile, the model is expected to recover soon and she can give more details about her state of health.

Hours later, it was La Leona who, through her stories, told that the results of the exams showed that she did not have Covid, so it is probably another respiratory disease that afflicts her and it is expected that in the next few hours it will be known what is has.

We send you a lot of strength, Adriana!