Adriana Hamilton tells an ambiguous love in Kaboom: anticipation

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The talented artist Adriana Hamilton joins the producer Deleterious to present Kaboom, a single that exudes passion and emotion through the fusion of R’n’B and trap sounds. With an engaging voice and lyrics in Italian, Adriana Hamilton confirms herself as a multifaceted artist who embraces the modernity of the musical landscape. Kaboom is a track inspired by the allure of the seductive rhythms of R’n’B, with an innovative trap influence that gives the song a contemporary dimension. The production references the signature sounds of artists such as The Weeknd, while blending with the nuances of afrobeat, the musical genre currently dominating charts around the world. The voice of Adriana Hamilton is the focus of “Kaboom”, and takes the listener on an emotional journey through the intimate and passionate words of a love story. His magnetic interpretation is enriched by the special participation of Deleterious, the producer known for his ability to create powerful and punchy sounds. In “Kaboom” Hamilton demonstrates her artistic versatility, combining catchy melodies and soulful lyrics that capture the essence of modern love affairs. To stay updated on the latest Adriana Hamilton news, visit her official website and follow her social channels. The video is shot by Samuele Apperti.

As Adriana Hamilton tells the story of “Kaboom”: “It’s a song with afrodance sounds in which I make an introspective journey, through the loneliness of the protagonist and her feeling unsuitable in a metropolis, a tiger in a cage, often misunderstood. And then she is overwhelmed by a strong, sudden love that I take her to the moon, which I ask to stay like the sun, while still perceiving a dark side. When everything is too good to be true, it often is… it’s not true. This moral is what I then wanted to show in the video . The song is a hymn to love, the one that makes you fly. I wrote it at the dawn of the relationship. In the video, however, I preferred to show the evolution of the relationship with a narcissist. How from love bombing you pass to extreme jealousy, to control, to belittling, to offending, to trying to annihilate and suffocate all the light of the one who until recently said he loved and esteemed so much.I wave a red toulle for women victims of domestic, verbal and physical violence, and for feminicides, unfortunately still too frequent, in the world and in Italy”.