Adriana Volpe, the announcement that makes fans dream: news that displaces everyone

Now that the GF Vip is just a memory for her, Adriana Volpe gives some anticipation to the fans about her future: the announcement is surprising!

The start of the new edition of the GF Vip and if we have almost no certainty of the new competitors, we have long known who will occupy the position of opinion leaders. They will be Sonia Bruganelli And Orietta Berti to play this role: for the first it is a return while for the second a real debut.

Adriana Volpe, all speechless! (Credits: Instagram)

Unlike Paolo Bonolis’ wife (with whom relations have always been quite turbulent), Adriana Volpe has not been reconfirmed this year, even though she had been offered to repeat the experience as a competitor. However, the 49-year-old blonde refused an invitation. Recall that her participation in the game dates back to 2020, during the fourth edition of the historic reality in its version dedicated to well-known characters.

During an interview given to New Tvthe Fox has revealed how he is experiencing the final closing of the chapter GF Vip, who saw her in two different roles but where she was much loved in both. “I followed the advice of Maurizio Costanzo, who some time ago said: ‘Adriana has a restless soul, she has to go back to leading'”.

Adriana Volpe and the projects after the GF Vip: the announcement bodes well

Although many would like to see the former host of Your Facts in the most spied on house in Italy among the other competitors, this is an absolutely unrealistic hypothesis. Having separated from her husband Roberto Speak and living the latter in Montecarlo, Adriana now cannot think of leaving her daughter Giselle, just 11 years old, for whole months.

Leaving behind the program conducted by Alfonso Signorini, the former columnist seems willing to look in a completely different direction. Just as Costanzo suggested. To the microphones of New Tvdid not fail to say good luck to Orietta Berti expressing all his admiration for her as an artist and television personality. Regarding her professional future, she commented a New Tv: “Now my investment must be something else. I have a beautiful project that is about to start, so I am very galvanized ”.

According to the most recent rumors, Adriana’s new project could be a new format on beauty that would also involve Federico Fashion Style and Valeria Marini who shared with her the experience of GF Vip 4. For now, however, these are only rumors and there is still no certainty about it. We will certainly not see her near the red door which in her career has represented a real watershed.

Adriana Volpe announcement
Adriana Volpe, twist (Credits: Instagram)

Are you curious to find out what’s cooking in the future of the beautiful Adriana Volpe?