Advances Doc-in your hands, episode of March 10: a sensational truth emerges, trouble for Andrea Fanti

The previews of the episode of Doc on March 10 reveal the troubles coming to Andrea Fanti: an ‘uncomfortable’ truth emerges.

More than a week after the fifth episode aired and the sensational stop seven days ago, Doc has returned to thrill his viewers. And he did it with a really shocking date.

Doc-in your hands of March 10, the advances. Credits: instagram

The audience of Doc-in your hands he was looking forward to this moment. And so, after last week’s stop due to the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine that upset all the television schedules, the handsome Andrea Fanti is back on Rai Uno with an impressive appointment. You have followed it too and now you can’t wait to know what will happen in the next one that goes on air Thursday 10 march? Well. The advances that we were able to track down on the web make us clearly understand that this will be an unmissable episode. Apparently, in fact, a rather ‘uncomfortable’ truth will emerge, which will jeopardize Fanti’s career as a primary. Let’s understand something more together.

Doc-in your hands of March 10, shock advances: what will happen

If you thought you had seen everything up to now, you were very wrong: the episode of Doc-in your hands on Thursday 10 March will be impressive. Here are yours advances.

In addition to the fact that, from what we read, the Ambrosiano medical staff will be put to the test with a case involving a deafblind boy, it would seem that a rather sensational truth about Andrea Fanti will emerge. We do not know what it is in particular, mind you. Apparently, however, it would seem that, once discovered, Riccardo will be in crisis. Let me be clear: it would seem that it is by no means the last twist of this episode. And its protagonist, once again, will be the good Fanti, but also Cecilia Tedeschi. Apparently, the latter will discover something very compromising about Andrea, so much so that it could jeopardize his career as a primary. Really amazing, especially now that the doctor was happy to wear these cloths again.

advances doc 10 March
Credits: Instagram

A shocking episode, we would dare to say, that we will not get lost at all. You?