Advances Don Matteo, episode of May 5: hard blow for Anna, how will she react?

Don Matteo’s anticipations of May 5th tell us that Anna will receive a very hard blow: how will she react this time? Here’s what will happen.

It had been rumored for some time that Terence Hill would say “goodbye” to Don Matteo and it was just like that. Already during the last episode, the beloved parish priest greeted his community, but only in tonight’s appointment was it discovered what happened and who replaced him.

Don Matteo of May 5th, the previews of the next episode. Credits: instagram

Seeing Raoul Bova wearing Don Massimo’s shoes for the first time was really very emotional. And we are sure that you too, as soon as you saw it during this fifth episode, you were left speechless. To make this reaction possible, however, it was not only the first episode of Don Massimo, but also everything that happened. Starting, therefore, from the concern of all the inhabitants of Spoleto for the mysterious disappearance of Don Matteo up to the increasingly dangerous rapprochement between Marco and Valentina. You are curious, therefore, to know the previews of the episode of Don Matteo on Thursday 5 May? Apparently, Anna will receive a very hard blow: how will she take it?

Don Matteo, previews of the May 5th episode: how will Anna react to this news?

The thirteenth season of Don Matteo it started a few weeks ago, yet it has already shown that it has all the credentials to prove itself rather unmissable. One thing is certain: the May 5th it will be. You are curious to know what his are advances? Let’s proceed in order.

Let’s move on to “analyze” the triangle made up of Anna, Marco and Valentina – new entry in the TV series along with many others. As you will remember, Anna and Marco had started a love story, which then came to an end, but they never stopped loving each other. In fact, during the episodes it was thought that the two could return together. Instead, apparently, that’s not the case at all: the two took two completely different paths. Indeed, during the episode of May 5th, the good Nardi will kiss Valentina. And he will make a steady couple with her. How will Anna take it?

Finally, eyes on Don Massimo! Even if he entered on tiptoe, the new parish priest will not be frowned upon by the community of Spoleto, so much so that its inhabitants will run a petition to expel him.

advances don matteo 5 May
Credits: Instagram

In short, as usual, everything will happen.