Advances Lea-a new day, second episode: Anna faces Lea, sensational twist

Advances Lea-a new day second episode of Tuesday 15 February: Anna faces Lea, a sensational twist.

In addition to the very first episode of L’amica Geniale, Rai has launched a new and exciting fiction. Just last night, Tuesday 8 February, it went on the air Lea-a new day.

Lea’s advances – a new day second episode: what will happen. Photo Source: Instagram

Set in Ferrare, the new television drama tells the adventures of the very young Lea, who after having destroyed her marriage and losing her baby in the eighth month of pregnancy, returns to work in the pediatric ward of the city hospital. Here, however, she comes to discover a bitter truth. Her ex-husband Marco, played by Giorgio Pasotti, has not only become the head of the department, but is also engaged to Anna, one of her former best friends. This is how this new project begins, which in addition to being full of extraordinary actors, is also full of very young talents. Week after week, in fact, the staff of the Ferrara hospital will have to deal with the cases of children. So let’s find out together what they are the previews of the second episode of Lea-a new day.

Lea-a new day, previews of the second episode of February 15th: what will happen

If the first episode of Lea-a new day was unmissable, we assure you that the second it will be even more so. In fact, on Tuesday 15 February Anna Valle and company will return to keep the public company. And, as mentioned earlier, they will give an impressive second date. Let’s discover hers together advances.

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From what we learn, it would seem that during the third episode of Lea – a new day, the very young Lea will have to deal with an unreliable family. We are talking about the couple who should have adopted Koljia, but who as soon as they learn about her health problems, she doesn’t want to know any more. A great blow for the medical staff, but above all for the child, who if not adopted will be forced to return to Russia. In the fourth episode, however, there will be a tough confrontation between Anna, Marco’s current partner and Lea’s former friend, and the latter. Meanwhile, Viola shows up at the hospital. The girl is only 13 years old, but she has already been hospitalized several times: what will she have?

Advances lea a new day second episode
Photo Source: Instagram

From how you can clearly understand, therefore, the second episode of Lea-a new day will be totally unmissable. And full of twists.