Advances May God help us 7: shocking episode, incredulous viewers

May God help us 7, the previews of the next episode leave everyone breathless: Azzurra will discover a shocking secret

On air since 2011, the well-known series broadcast on Rai 1 keeps viewers glued to the screen with its double weekly appointment. The TV series preferred by the public keeps pace with the Mediaset competition, exceeding the 21% share. So continues the seventh season of God help us, broadcast every Thursday starting at 21.30. Also this week we have in store for the more curious previews of the two episodes next to be broadcast in prime time on Thursday 9 March on Rai 1. What will happen inside the most crowded convent ever? As always there will be some good ones!

May God help us, the previews of Thursday 9 March 2023 – Credits: Instagram (

The events that see Azzurra (Francesca Chillemi), Emiliano (Pierpaolo Spollon) and Sister Costanza (Valeria Fabrizi) at the center are becoming more and more curious and interesting. Next Thursday, two episodes will air. The 17th and 18th to be exact entitled respectively “Always with you” And “The Shape of Love”. What will happen exactly? Azzurra will come to the fore of sensational news and in the meantime Ludovica continues her search to help her mother but something goes wrong.

May God help us, the previews of Thursday 9 March

In the seventeenth episode Ludovica is increasingly nervous. The young woman is unable to get in touch with the man who could help her exonerate her mother from accusing her. In the meantime, Azure Do you notice that Sister Teresa’s attitude towards Elijah is perhaps softening? Although the nun had repeatedly said that she had to contact the Social Services because she wanted to find him a family, she never actually moved in this direction. We see the return to the convent of Sister Constance but this time he will meet an old childhood friend, Umberto. Meanwhile, Cate is increasingly focused on auditioning to access the Conservatory.

God help us previews
Azzurra will discover the serious truth about Sara – Credits: Instagram (

What will happen instead in the eighteenth episode? Aired immediately after episode 17 we will see Elijah meet the new foster family. The little one will therefore understand that the moment of having to leave the convent is getting closer and closer. Sister Teresa organizes a play on the childhood of Jesus and thus involves Emiliano, Marco, Sara and Corinna. The 4 youngsters will participate enthusiastically… but in the meantime Ludovica will discover something serious about her mother and this will lead her to make a tough decision. As for Azurethe young woman will be put faced with a difficult choice because he will discover a shocking truth about Sara and will wonder whether to reveal it or keep it a secret. What do you think she will do?