Advances Mina Settembre, first episode: sensational twist, Claudio has to do with it

The previews of the first episode of Mina Settembre tell us that there will be a sensational twist: Claudio has to do with it.

After the last sudden change of programming, it is confirmed that Mina Settembre is about to return! Starting tonight, Sunday 2 October the adventures of the beloved Neapolitan social assistant will be back on the air with new and incredible episodes.

Advances to the first episode. Credits: Instagram

What can we expect from this second season of Mina Settembre? Given the ending a little over a year ago, we imagine that once again the social worker will have to deal with the different cases that will arise in his office in the Sanità district, but that he will resolve once and for all the ‘contrasts in love. ‘ her. Who do you think will choose between Claudio, her ex-husband, and Domenico, a colleague of the clinic? It is precisely in this regard that the advances tell us that there will be a resounding twist.

What you need to know about previews of the first episode of Mina Settembre? Hold on tight because apparently a totally unmissable appointment awaits us! Are you curious to know more? Look what will happen tonight!

Mina Settembre first episode, the previews of tonight: twist

In addition to ‘Il Viola come il mare’ – of which a second shocking episode awaits us – another TV series is also about to thrill the Italian public with its new episodes. Let’s talk about Mina September, the Neapolitan fiction based on the novels of the same name by Maurizio De Giovanni. Therefore, starting from Sunday 2 October and for several weeks, the TV series will air with the new adventures of the young September. Waiting, however, to find out what this second season has in store for us, are you curious to know what will happen during the first episode of tonight?

The previews of this first episode of Mina Settembre they tell us that it will be a totally unmissable event. It would seem, in fact, that the narrative will pick up right where it left off. Since, therefore, the young Mina discovers who her father’s lover was, completely upsetting her life. What will September choose to do now?

In the meantime, it seems that the social worker has begun to understand a little more about his relationship situation. Domenico, in fact, has accepted the offer of work abroad and she, finding herself alone and disheartened by the newly discovered truth, will again fall into the arms of her ex-husband. Her happiness, however, will again be compromised by the return of the gynecologist to Naples. That her feelings are being questioned again? Let’s suppose so!

Finally, new sensational arrival in the life of Mina Settembre! While her mother Olga leaves for a cruise, the Neapolitan assistant will have to deal with one of his aunt with a decidedly crackling character.

advances mine September first episode
First episode. Credits: Instagram

There are very few hours left until the debut episode of this second season, but we can’t wait to find out more. You?