AEG, a new scratch-resistant induction hob

The company presented a new ceramic glass hob at the IFA in Berlin

At IFA in Berlin AEG showed for the first time the AEG 8000 Series SaphirMatt hob with scratch-resistant glass. The exclusive SaphirMatt ceramic glass is not damaged by daily use and by abrasion caused, for example, by dragging pots and pans on the hob. In fact it resists scratches four times more than the standard glass ceramic hob. SaphirMatt is easy to maintain, as it is resistant to stains and fingerprints and is twice as quick to clean as AEG’s standard ceramic hob surfaces. Its matte black finish is 80% less reflective than a standard surface. “The SaphirMatt hob is an absolute novelty for AEG”, comments Carlo Samori, Product Line Director Taste. “We have developed a uniquely textured finish with superior scratch resistance that allows you to keep your hob looking good for longer, and we are very excited to unveil it as a preview at this year’s IFA.”

But the SaphirMatt hob is not the only innovation presented by AEG. The AEG 8000 Series Sense Boil&Fry hob will also be officially launched at IFA, which makes assisted cooking easier thanks to the CookSmart Touch Display. The assisted cooking functions select the best settings based on what needs to be prepared. Is there a need to boil water? Just two clicks to delegate the process. Is it necessary to fry in a pan? Three clicks and the task is entrusted to the AEG 8000 Series Sense Boil&Fry induction hob which also includes specific functions such as melting the chocolate. The Dishes function provides step-by-step cooking guidance to expand your culinary repertoire with ease, while the Eco Tips function automatically offers practical advice to help save energy without compromising results.