AfD sources: “Our leader Tino Chrupalla is in intensive care”

The leader of the far-right German party AfD, Tino Chrupalla, is “in intensive care” but “is able to speak”: this was reported by the website of the first public channel Ard, citing his “office”. The fact that Chrupalla “continues to be in intensive care” was also reported by the reporter from the news-only broadcaster N-tv from Ingolstadt citing “party circles”. Both media do not speculate on the cause of the strong illness. “Chrupalla was examined thoroughly in a clinic. Under the circumstances he is stable and will be kept under observation in intensive care,” an AfD spokesperson told the Dpa news agency last night. The party speaks of an attack but has not provided details. The leader had felt ill yesterday following an “accident” that occurred during an election rally in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, where the regional elections will be voted on Sunday. Some reconstructions from eyewitness accounts report that Chrupalla had taken a few selfies, then collapsed before his public speech.

Der Spiegel: “Illness linked to something that stung Chrupalla”

According to the first indiscretions, reported by Der Spiegel, the illness would be linked to something that stung Chrupallax. The German weekly reported that a spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office announced that the judiciary is “handling the case” due to “suspected personal injuries”. “Chrupalla would have felt a pain while she was going” to the gathering and, “shortly afterwards, a small skin lesion was detected, which could indicate” a “puncture, according to investigative circles”, writes the site. The head of the “Alternative fuer Deutschland” (“Alternative for Germany”, AfD) “accorded to nausea, cramps and dizziness” and was admitted “to a nearby clinic”. His bodyguards would not have noticed anyone pricking him and the police seized “at least one thumbtack”, as well as taking “the details of several witnesses”, Spiegel reports again, warning that no conclusions have been reached and there will be ” further investigation” including a “forensic examination”. The “syringe” track is defined by N-tv as just a “rumor”.

The police have no evidence of an assault

An AfD spokesperson, after a colleague had already spoken yesterday about a test to verify the presence of any “substances in the body”, declared in the morning that there was “a sting” on the body”, writes the ARD website, summarizing that “it is not yet clear what exactly led to the hospitalization.” Yesterday, before a rally in Ingolstadt, Chrupalla had to receive medical treatment backstage and was then taken to hospital. From his “entourage” the TV learned that he “had a collapse” which allowed him to walk only with difficulty. “So far, however, the police have no evidence of a physical attack on the national spokesperson of the AfD”, the site writes again, adding that no syringes or similar objects were found on the spot, but only “two pins” which however are “nothing”. unusual” in a place where several election campaign events have taken place in recent days. On Tuesday another AfD representative, Alice Weidel, had to cancel an election campaign appearance in Moedlareuth, a small village on the border between Bavaria and Thuringia, for security reasons. The ARD website always reminds us of this by reporting that during the event it was officially declared that Weidel and his family had been “evacuated from their apartment by the police and taken to a safe place, as there were growing indications that a attack” against them.

AfD growing in consensus

The AfD, which among other things opposes membership of the European Union, wants to stop immigration into the country and denies that the climate crisis is caused by human activity, is growing in consensus and influencing political developments in Germany for example in the regional elections on Sunday in Bavaria and Hesse, the last election before the European elections on 9 June next year with an adjoining round for nine of the 16 German Laender.