Afghanistan, kamikaze attack at school: 32 dead and 40 injured

An Afghan government source told Al-Jazeera: “Many girls among victims”

The death toll from an explosion in a school located in a predominantly Shiite area of ​​Kabul is 32 dead and 40 injured. This was reported by an Afghan government source to Al-Jazeera, specifying that it was a kamikaze attack. According to some local media, the affected school is attended by students of the Hazara ethnic group.

Many of the victims of the massacre are young womena witness told CNN, who reached the Kaaj training center after the news of the attack in search of a friend who survived the attack. “I saw parents, relatives of students, screaming and running up and down – he said – Some were looking for help for their loved ones and others were looking for sons and daughters. I saw with my own eyes about twenty dead and many injured.

The institute is located in the western area of ​​Dashte Barchi. Executives of the institute, cited by the BBC, said that at the time of the explosion the students were taking an exam. The British broadcaster confirmed that the affected area is mainly inhabited by Hazaras.

The attack has not yet been claimed.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers the attack on the Kaaj training center in Kabul a serious crime,” strongly condemns it “and” expresses its deepest condolences to the families of the victims of this accident “. This is what we read in a tweet by spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. Since last August, the Taliban are again masters of Afghanistan. “Important measures will be taken to find and punish those responsible,” he adds.


“In a context of worsening security situation in Afghanistan, Kabul was hit by another explosion today. Many civilian victims in the brutal attack on a training center in a majority Hazara and Shia area. The UN family. condemns this attack “, reads a tweet from the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (Unama) with condolences to the families of the victims after the news coming from the Afghan capital.