Afghanistan, killed by Taliban leader Isis ‘mind’ attack Kabul

In the attack, 173 people died, including 13 American servicemen

The ISIS-K leader who planned the August 26, 2021 suicide bombing at the Abbey Gate of Kabul International Airport has been killed by the Taliban. The White House gave the news: without naming the leader of the Isis-Khorasan terrorist group, John Kirby, spokesman for the National Security Council, called him “the mastermind of the horrible attack” which was carried out in the last days of the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan and which killed 173 people, including 13 American servicemen.

Kirby did not even specify when the Taliban killed him, limiting himself to speaking of one in a “series of losses of high-profile leaders” that Isis-K, a branch of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) which operates in Afghanistan and the surrounding region has suffered this year. The terrorist who carried out the suicide bombing, Abdul Rehman Al-Loghri, had been released from prison just days before the attack.

The US government has come to the conclusion of the killing of the terrorist on the basis of intelligence information, US media reported. It is not known whether the Taliban carried out an ambush by specifically targeting that target or whether the IS leader died during a clash between the Taliban and Islamic State militiamen. According to a government official quoted by CBS, the United States would not have taken part in any way in the operation, carried out exclusively by the Taliban.