Afghanistan, the Taliban bans women from traveling without a male relative

Yet another step backwards for women’s rights in Afghanistan: the Taliban today announced a ban on women traveling alone for long distances (over 70 km) and that they must be accompanied by a man of the family. The ‘recommendation’ – published by the ministry for the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice, and which was already circulating on social networks – also invites drivers not to accept women in their vehicles if they are not wearing the “Islamic veil”, without however specifying which type of veil.

The provision on passports

Last week, the Taliban government announced that it will resume issuing passports in three regions of the country, including the capital. In fact, one more chance for those hoping to leave the country fearing for their own safety or trying to escape the economic crisis. Suspended by the Taliban’s seizure of power in mid-August, the service was resumed temporarily in October, but the large influx of questions had caused technical problems that had forced the offices to stop processing within a few days.