Afraid to ‘Domenica In’, Mara Venier slips and hits his head

Injury with sprained foot for host who closed the program early

Mara Venier still protagonist of a bad fall. This time the accident happened during the commercial break of ‘Domenica In’ during which the host fell forward hitting her head and injuring her left foot. The queen of Sunday of Rai1, returned to the studio visibly worn out, limping with a bandaged foot and holding a compress in her hand from ice on the forehead, after leaving the management to Pierpaolo Petrelli for a few minutes, first of all she wanted to reassure her husband Nicola Carraro that at the moment, as Venier herself explained live, she is not in Italy.

” Everything is fine Nicola – he said – I took a blow to the foot, a good sprain and a blow to the head. I fell on my face with glasses ”. Initially the presenter seemed willing to give up the broadcast but then changed her mind and showing the bump on her head commented: ” I do not give up they must bring me down, I go forward ”. But, after interviewing Memo Remigi Venier didn’t make it and decided to close the broadcast a quarter of an hour early. “I can’t do it guys,” he admitted before closing the program.