African American killed by police in Memphis, video released: protest explodes

The images of the beating of Tire Nichols shake the USA. Riots and demonstrations in many cities. “I just want to go home”, the last words of the 29-year-old

Riots and protests in many US cities after the release of the video of the beating of Tire Nicholsthe young African American who died in early January after being beaten upon arrest by 5 Memphis police officers.

In the Tennessee city, numerous protesters blocked both lanes of the I-55 bridge, an important highway that crosses the Mississippi River and leads to Arkansas. “They will stop killing people in our city,” protesters shouted into megaphones, none of whom were arrested by law enforcement. ”They will stop killing our brothers and sisters in this city. When they come, we’ll stand still, sing Tire Nichols’ name again. We will resist the responsible police department,” said one protester.

The four-minute video released in the past few hours shows Nichols in trouble after being stopped by the officers, so much so that he called his mother several times. ”I just want to go home. Damn, I didn’t do anything”, says the 29-year-old to the agents who, as the video reports, hit him with kicks and punches. He will die of internal bleeding three days later in hospital. The footage also shows how the man didn’t react to the policemen, but only tried to escape, only to be chased and caught by the officers.