African anticyclone for at least 10 days, heat and drought indefinitely

Already tomorrow we will touch 37/38 ° C again in the Po Valley

Another North African attack arrives, the umpteenth of a scorching season that started early on May 10th. This time the great heat will not only affect Italy but much of Western Europe where temperatures will rise to incredible values ​​from Spain to Germany, passing through France and South England. No rain is expected in the next 10 days in Europe, except in Scandinavia and locally between Austria and Slovenia due to heat storms. The heat will show anomalous peaks, we will be able to record temperatures up to 16 degrees above the average of the period between France and Germany.

In Italy, the most extreme weather map shows the freezing point at 5200 meters: in this case we will not have subzero temperatures in any area of ​​our country, we expect record highs again up to 10 ° C even on Mont Blanc as happened a month ago, in mid June.

The drought caused by the few rains of winter and spring will obviously find no relief from this record summer, hot and dry. It must be said, however, once again, that the drought has never been resolved by summer storms, the correct policy is to block the autumn, winter and spring rainfall in small new reservoirs.

Returning to the heat, Italy will initially be touched by the worst air mass which will head towards the Iberian Peninsula, France and Germany: nevertheless, tomorrow we will touch again the 37/38 ° C in the Po Valley. The next week could be worse with even higher values ​​and in extension to the central regions. In the South we will experience a warm phase, but not exceptional, we are unfortunately used to much worse in the last 20 years.

Andrea Garbinato, Editor of, confirms that the North African comeback of these days will probably be one of the most intense in history at European level: the worst days will be Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 July with deviations from the average climatic values ​​of +16 ° C between France and Germany, and + 12 ° C also in England, Holland and Belgium. Italy could be reached by temperatures about 14 degrees higher than in July: a quick calculation leads us to predict, compared to the average 28/29 ° C in the Po Valley, peaks of 42/43 ° C in the middle of the next week.

The nation most affected will be Spain where the maximum temperatures, at least until 23/24 July, will be widely around 40/42 ° C, with peaks of 45/47 ° C! In Italy the greatest danger will concern the persistence of this heat wave, in a first phase especially in the North.

Today, Thursday 14 July – In the North: more clouds on the Triveneto, sun and heat. In the Center: sunny and warm. In the South: good weather.

Tomorrow, Friday 15 July – In the North: sunny and very hot, some storms on the borders of the Triveneto. In the Center: sunny and warm. In the South: sunny.

Saturday 16 July – In the North: sunny and very hot. In the Center: sunny and warm. In the South: sunny and warm.

Trend – In the following days, further intensification of the North African anticyclone; temperatures constantly increasing, intense heat especially in the Center-North.