African heat in Italy, the climatologist: “Record July”

These days you could also record “8-10 degrees higher than the temperatures that are typical for the month”

“We expect a week with temperatures even above 40 degrees, we are experiencing a month of July with very high temperatures”. Serena Giacomin, physicist-climatologist of Meteo Expert and president of the Italian Climate Network, thus outlines the weather picture for the next few days dominated by torrid heat in Italy, with the African anticyclone Cerberus as the protagonist. “July is climatically the hottest month of the year, but this does not justify the fact that temperatures will exceed the 40 degree mark and probably even records will be set,” she says.

In these days, even “8-10 degrees more than the temperatures that are typical for the month of July could be recorded, typical for the Mediterranean summer which this is not. The temperatures that we will have to endure are temperatures that are off the scale from the point of climate view,” he continues.

“Perhaps it’s worth pointing out that heatwaves are often somewhat underestimated in terms of impact, but the impact on health is significant, so you just need to be aware of it and raise your awareness a little, because heatwaves are among the medium climatic phenomena most capable of putting us in physical difficulty. the heat wave must be tackled wisely.”