After 7 years of marriage they broke up: she is ready for divorce, the news freezes everyone

After 7 years of marriage they finally broke up: the actress is ready to ask for a divorce, the news leaves everyone stunned.

There are stories that have a happy ending – as happened to the former Miss Italy married a few days ago – and others do not. It is the example of this very famous and beloved actress, who would be ready to sign a divorce from her husband after 7 years of marriage.

They broke up after 7 years of marriage: the indiscretion leaves everyone speechless. Credits: Instagram

According to what is learned from the web, it would seem that the first meeting between the two lovebirds came exactly in 2012 during a musical event and that, since that moment, they have never left each other. The marriage proposal, it seems, would come about a year after their first meeting. And, some time after their wedding, they also became parents. Everything seemed to be going well and the couple seemed really happy, but apparently they are not. The alarm among fans broke out some time ago, but only now it seems to have been confirmed: after 7 years of marriage broke up. To date, confirmation from the parties concerned has not arrived at all, but neither has it been denied. Therefore, the reaction of their fans is more than justified. Who are we talking about?

They broke up after 7 years of marriage: bad blow for the fans, what happened

The news was reported some time ago and, even now, it makes people talk. We do not know if it corresponds to the reality of the facts or not, since neither of the two directly concerned has said the about him, but the reaction of the fans of the couple has been really crazy. Seven years after theirs marriage, it would seem that the two are sensationally left. We do not know what exactly happened and, above all, what triggered this sensational decision, the fact is that it would seem that the two said ‘goodbye’.

Remember the sweet Caroline from The Vampire Diaries? Well. According to US Weekly, it seems that she is the one who said goodbye to her marriage so much that she is ready to file for a divorce. To date, however, no one has intervened on the matter. We hope it is a passing crisis!

wedding left
Credits: Instagram

Needless to say, the news of an impending divorce has chilled the couple’s fans!