After a period of hiatus, the beloved presenter returns to TV: great joy for the audience

After a period of hiatus, the beloved presenter returns to TV: the indiscretion drives the audience crazy; when and where we might see it.

An indiscretion that is literally making fans dream. Yes, because it concerns one of the most beloved conductors of our show business. A conductor that has been away from the small screen for quite a while, but that would be ready to return with a program of its own.

Well-known TV presenter (Youtube Credits)

According to rumors, the showman would be in negotiation with Rai for the great return, that shouldn’t have anything to do with prime time. Her show would be set in the morning slot… and there’s a reason for that. Are you curious to know more about this succulent item? We tell you everything.

The beloved presenter could soon be back on TV: the indiscretion makes fans dream

His presence in Sanremo 2020 and, for an evening, at the 2021 edition have done nothing but confirm that the Italian public goes crazy when he is on TV. We are talking about Rosario Fiorello, one of the most talented and loved showmen and conductors of our show business. For some years now, the Sicilian has chosen to appear little on television, to devote himself to other commitments. But here this long stop could soon end.

According to what reported by Tv Blog, which confirms the indiscretion launched by the weekly Oggi, Rosario Fiorello could soon return to Rai Uno. But not in prime time, where we have always seen it on the small screen. According to rumors, Fiore would be ready to occupy the early morning time slot with his beloved Flower newsstand, program that he conducted from 2011 to 2017: first broadcast on the web, it then landed on the radio, until it became a full-fledged television program, broadcast on Sky. Well, it could soon become a Rai program, broadcast on the first network in the range between 7 and 8 in the morning.

Edicola Fiore was born almost by chance, through videos published by Fiorello on Twitter: every morning, the showman shared small clips shooting the friends of the newsstand and the bar, with whom he commented on the events of the day. From there the beginning of a real press review, which has become a daily appointment for the public, between 7 and 8 in the morning. The announcement of the closure of the program came in September 2017, but, apparently, the most loved newsstand by the Italian public could reopen very soon.

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Fiorello in Sanremo (Youtube Credits)

We just have to wait for any updates on what would be one of the most welcome returns on our small screen. A return, that of Fiorello, which has been talked about several times over the years, but, this time, the chances of seeing him on TV are really concrete. We can only wish it!