After almost 10 years from Vite al Limite it has radically changed: it looks like another person, it is unrecognizable

Almost 10 years have passed since his participation in Vite al Limite, but today he has changed radically: he seems a completely different person, unrecognizable.

It was exactly 2014 when the forty-two year old from Texas took part in the second edition of Lives to the Limit with the very serious intention of revolutionizing his life forever. To date, almost 10 years after his participation, it can be said that she has fully achieved his goal. Already at the time of her weight loss path in the clinic, the woman had given birth to an incredible transformation, but today she shows herself to her audience even more unrecognizable!

10 years after Vite al Limite. Credits: Discovery

If you are wondering some more information on the beautiful Zsalynn by Vite al Limite, this is the article for you. The woman participated in the second edition of the program and, right from the start, she was able to capture attention on herself. What do we know about her now? During her weight loss program, the beautiful Whitworth managed to lose more than 110 kg, but today? Maybe not everyone knows, but we managed to track down Zsalynn on Instagram. And – although she is not very active on her official social channels – we could not help but see how much her rebirth continued even after the spotlight was turned off. Curious to see her as she is today later almost 10 years? You will be stunned.

How is Zsalynn today after 10 years from Vite al Limite? A completely different person

Already at the time of his participation in Vite al Limite, Zsalynn he had shocked everyone with his transformation. Intent on losing weight – despite her husband’s pressure not to embark on this weight loss journey with Dr. Nowzaradan – Whitworth never lost heart and broke all kinds of records. Of course, she is not on the level of Benji Bolton, that’s clear! In any case, the 42-year-old from Texas still left everyone upset with her transformation. On the other hand, going from a maximum of 271 kg to a minimum of 159 kg is by no means a thing for everyone. And today, however, how has it changed? Almost 10 years have passed since her participation in Vite al Limite, but what is Zsalynn like?

Unlike June McCamey, Zsalynn seems not to be active at all on her official social channel. Although she is regularly registered on both Instagram and Facebook, the woman does not like to share lots of shots of herself. What we have traced, for example, dates back to last June. Who knows if, to date, Whitworth is continuing to lose weight – although we have no doubts – but what surprises us most is that – about a year ago – Dr. Nowzaradan’s former patient was definitely a different person. Check it out here:

after 10 years lives to the limit
Zsalynn today. Credits: Instagram

We hope that Zsalynn has not lost his good habits and that he is still in excellent physical shape today.