After Amici, the climb to success was impressive, but do you know what he did before his victory?

After participating and winning Amici, his climb to success was truly impressive: do you know what he did before his victory?

It was exactly the ninth edition of Amici when Emma Marrone, just twenty-five, he joined the school of Maria De Filippi, showing everyone his incredible talent. In fact, after her journey among the stalls, not only the singer from Salento managed to grab herself victory, but it has also managed to ride the wave of success.

After Amici, the success was incredible, what did you do before the talent? Incredible. Photo Source: Instagram

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From her first unpublished to the last, Emma Marrone has managed to really conquer everyone in the school of Friends. And once he achieved the victory, he rode the crest of the wave. To this day, she is very much loved. Each of his concerts recorded a crazy sold out. And each of his single manages to climb the peaks of each music chart. In short, the singer from Salento is a real star of Italian music. Have you ever wondered, though, what he did before his success? Established that after his participation and consequent victory at Amici, he conquered everyone, before this moment what did he do? Not everyone knows this background: let’s find out together!

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What did Emma Marrone do before her win at Amici?

After her win at Amici, Emma Marrone literally rode the wave of success. And, year after year, it has managed to achieve a real record. To this day, she is very much loved. And every single one of his manages to get a really crazy response. Are you curious, however, to know what he did even before his victory in the talent of Maria De Filippi?

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Having ascertained that her passion for music has been very strong since she was a child and that thanks to her talent she managed to turn it into a job, are you curious to know what her work was before her success? Perhaps not everyone imagines it, but even before taking part in Amici, Emma Marrone worked both as a warehouse worker and as a saleswoman. A truly incredible background, right?

after friends
Photo Source: Instagram

What do you tell us? Did you know what Emma Marrone did before her success?