After breaking up with Piqué, Shakira will give her first television interview: when and where

Shakira It really looks like a hit machine. The Colombian has transformed every pain in her life into a song. But that is nothing new. Already with Antología in 1995, and the entire album of ‘Pies descalzos’ made entire generations cry. ‘I congratulate you’, ‘Monotonía’, ‘Bzrrp Session Vol. 53’ and ‘TQG’ have been a string of hits for spite.

Although his last song with Karol G, an acronym that means ‘I left you big’, are clearly indirect to Gerard Piqué and Anuel AA, La Bichota has responded in an interview that they have also done it to represent their audience of women. “In a certain way, she lived her moment differently than I wanted to live it. I wanted to be completely away from the situation, she wanted to express it,” she said.

Carol G and Shakira. Source: Instagram @shakira

Carol G. He added: “I would like people to listen to this song without thinking that it is a bullshit to anyone. We are two women who live a similar experience at different times in our lives. We are releasing a song with which a lot of women leave to identify too. And that is the true message of the song, beyond the morbidity”.

The interview that Shakira will give on television

After a lot of pain, and a lot of music, Shakira He will arrive on television to face the press and their questions. It will happen live this Monday, February 27, 2023 at the hands of the lucky Mexican journalist Enrique Acevedo. This was confirmed by the same communicator on his social networks.

Shakira and Enrique Acevedo. Source: Instagram @enrique_acevedo

“I am very pleased to share that tomorrow on the news channel stars we have a preview of our exclusive conversation with Shakira. We went to Barcelona to talk about her music and her lyrics, the moment her career is going through and what is coming in her life, ”she wrote in the Instagram post. The interview will be at 10:30 p.m. Mexico time, that is, at 1 in the morning in Chile through the Las Estrellas channel, streaming on N+. It will also be available on the ViX platform. In addition to Channel 440, in Claro.