After giving birth, she will use the placenta as a fertilizer for her plants: it leaves everyone speechless

After giving birth she will use the placenta as a fertilizer for the plants: the choice of the couple leaves everyone completely amazed

There is an all-Hollywood custom that new mothers eat the placenta after giving birth. Until now it was perhaps one of the most extravagant things we had heard, but the news of the last few hours displaces us even more.

It will use the placenta as a fertilizer (Credits: Instagram)

The model and soon, indeed very soon future mother has decided that she will use her own placenta as a fertilizer for the plants after giving birth. This is a trend rooted in Maori culture in particular, which has actually become a practice that is widely used by American divas today. And so, the beautiful model would have decided to follow this custom and make it her own. After the couple’s announcement of pregnancy, the countdown is now winding down and they are both close to becoming mom and dad for the very first time. The choice of the model to use the placenta after childbirth has certainly left everyone stunned, but who are we talking about?

After giving birth they decided to use the placenta as a fertilizer: the choice of the couple displaces everyone

The one formed by Fabio Colloricchio and Violeta Magrynan it is a couple that makes real sparks. The two consolidated their love with the birth of their first daughter. They had announced the splendid pregnancy a few months ago, in conjunction with Nicole Mazzocato’s announcement that she too was pregnant. Well, the two exes have now taken different paths, which however converge towards the same end because they will both become parents alongside different partners.

After the end of the relationship with Nicole, the former tronista of Men and Women has thus found love and will soon crown the dream of becoming a dad for the first time alongside his sweetheart. We have told you about a choice that may perhaps seem bizarre to some, but which in reality is a typical Maori custom which requires the placenta to be used as a fertilizer after childbirth.

And this is what Violeta would have chosen to do under the advice of her gynecologist who would have actually advised against eating her own placenta as the Hollywood divas think they do.

fertilizer placenta
They will use the placenta as a fertilizer (Credits: Instagram)

Now very little is left, and Fabio and Violeta will be able to hug their little one and hang their first pink bow outside the door. Violeta has chosen a water birth, and she will do it in a private clinic at the Monteprincipe facility in Boadilla. So there is little time left for the big day. Fabio and Violeta will be very soon in 3!