After Lives at the limit he weighed 116 kg: this is how it shows on social media, but have you seen how it was before? Sensational change

After Vite to the limit, the sensational change: she managed to weigh 116 kg and on social media she showed herself like this, but have you seen how it was before?

He is one of the most beloved surgeons on television, Dr. Nowzaradan. Undisputed protagonist, together with all his patients and his ‘crew’, of the program Lives on the Limit, the Iranian surgeon was the architect of many shocking transformations. This one we will talk about in a few moments, is the prime example!

After Vite al Limite the sensational change, but what was it like before? Photo Source: Facebook

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Without a doubt, you will remember her. We are talking about one of Dr. Nowzaradan’s patients who took part in the second edition of Vite al Limite. Having entered the clinic with a rather excessive weight and a particular history behind her, the 46-year-old from Chicago managed to complete a truly memorable journey. After the year of ‘cure’ and turned off the spotlight, the sweet patient was able to weigh well 116 kg. Of course, the weight was still very substantial, it is true, but the starting weight, we assure you, was even more so. To date, from what has been shown on social media, it would seem that the woman has managed to lose even more weight. Are you curious, though, to know what it was like before?

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Vite al Limite, after the program it weighed 116 kg: before it was incredible, here it is

Thank you a Lives on the Limit and the path set by Dr. Nowzaradan, therefore, the forty-six year old from Chicago was able to weigh well 116 kg. A rather important goal, as it can be clearly understood. And which, above all, underlines how much his desire to get back in shape and to regain possession of his life was truly immense.

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Today Olivia, although not very active on her official Facebook channel, boasts of a newfound shape. And in this photo shown above, dating back to 2016, it clearly implies that, once the spotlights are turned off, she never stopped reaching her goal. Are you curious, though, to know what it was like before? Here it is during the program:

after lives to the limit change
Photo Source: Youtube

In short, the transformation implemented by Olivia Cruz, the protagonist of Vite al Limite during her second season, is truly impressive. Do you agree with us?