After Lives on the Limit he has totally transformed: his social shots will leave you stunned, impressive

After his participation in Vite al Limite he has completely transformed: his social shots will leave you truly amazed, impressive!

It was exactly the fifth season of Lives to the Limit when the protagonist of this article came to the Houston clinic to start a weight loss course with Dr. Nowzaradan. It’s been just under 10 years since then, but how has it become today? We tracked him down on Facebook – he’s completely transformed!

How does it show today? Credits: Discovery

Like Ashley Dunn, the Iranian surgeon’s patient also said he was abandoned by his mother as a child. And, therefore, started eating more and more because of this incredible drama. In fact, since he was a child, the man said he had had several problems with weight, but only when he realized he could not go on in that way did he want to ask for help. In fact, at the time of his participation in the program, Nowzaradan’s patient was married and a father, but unfortunately his extra kilos did not allow him to respect his duties as a man of the house. What happened once in the clinic? Few imagine it, but the 36-year-old from Texas managed to lose more than 100 weight thanks to the diet of the good Younan. Like today? You will have a hard time recognizing it!

Radically transformed after Vite al Limite: here it is today, you will hardly recognize it

Already at the time of his participation in Lives on the Limit, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient had lost a great many pounds. Unlike Seana Collins, in fact, the thirty-seven year old confirmed how immense his desire to get back into shape was immense. From a maximum of 311 kg, in fact, he lost a lot of weight until he weighed 210 kg. In short, as you can clearly see, the very nice man managed to lose weight less than 1 quintal. What happened, then, once I got home? A real twist: it is completely turned!

Doug Armstrong, because he is the one we are talking about now, not only did he lose 100 kg during his journey to the Houston clinic, but he lost even more kilos when he returned home. On Instagram, there is no trace of him, but on his Facebook channel we were able to track down some shots of him. Taking a look at his profile – on which, unfortunately, he is not very active – we found several photos of him and we could not help but notice his transformation. Look a bit:

lives on the edge turned
Doug today. Credits: Instagram

We’ve shown you a shot from 2018 and 2020 respectively, yet it clearly shows that Doug is completely transformed today. We don’t know what his current weight is, but Dr. Nowzaradan’s former patient is certainly in excellent shape.