After more than 15 years the actress shows herself like this: it is impossible to forget her character in Paso Adelante

We followed the actress in Paso Adelante: today she shows herself like this, after more than 15 years, do you recognize which character she brought on stage?

Paso adelante is a Spanish television series broadcast in Italy from 2004 to 2006. It is made up of six seasons. The plot tells the story of the boys who attend the most famous and prestigious dance and acting school in Madrid.

Do you recognize the actress in the photo? We followed her in the hit series Paso Adelante dressing that character (source instagram)

Even today, after more than 15 years, it is very much loved. The actress that we showed you in the photo, she also starred in the series, playing the role of a much loved character. The school children are very fond of this teacher. Looking at the shot, can you recognize which character he played? It is not so difficult to recognize it, because there have been some changes, but not so strong.

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Do you recognize the actress in the photo? We followed his character in Paso Adelante

Do you recognize the actress in this shot? More than 15 years ago we saw her in a famous television series, playing a much loved character. We have already revealed to you that, he starred in Paso Adelante. Spanish television series that was incredibly successful when it aired. In Italy it was broadcast from 2004 to 2006.

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But even today, after so many years, it is very much loved. Viewers surely remember all the characters, from Lola Fernandez, Pedro Salvador, Roberto Arenales, Silvia Jauregui, Ingrid Munoz and all the other protagonists. In the cast we have also seen the actress we’ve talked about so far, but she played the role of a teacher. We reveal that, she was a professor of special activities and was a former military. Now, looking at her here and after the clues we have left you: do you understand who the actress is?

Jacinta 'Jojo' in Paso adelante
youtube source

Well, she is Toni Acosta, interpreter in Paso Adelante of the teacher Jacinta “JoJo” Jiménez. In the series she came in the third season and remained until the sixth. The actress’s career is closely linked to television, where she has played the role of many different characters in various films and numerous TV series. Paso Adelante made her famous not only in Spain, but also in Italy, France, Germany, Greece, and many other European countries. Looking at Toni Acosta’s photo today, would you have recognized her?