After the ballots, Meloni’s altolà to the allies: “ Stop quarrels and let’s see each other ”

Salvini’s anti Sboarina interview with open ballot boxes is in the sights of Fdi

The day after the debacle of the ballots, the center-right confirms the implosion that began at the time of the Mattarella bis and licks his wounds, trying to recompose the pieces, especially those of Verona, where the center-left, with the outsider Damiano Tommasi, manages to snatch a historic victory after 15 years of right-wing rule. In the climate it is the poisoned one of the reciprocal accusations, which brings back the plastic image of a coalition in disarray. Giorgia Meloni is the first to make her voice heard, posting a video, where she shines through all the bitterness of her for the time ” uselessly spent even in these elections in internal controversies ”. In particular Matteo Salvini would be targeted.

The interview given by the number one in via Bellerio on Sunday morning against Federico Sboarina at open ballot boxes would not go down at all to the president of Fdi, who claims to “have been the driving force in the first round” of the coalition. In living memory, we do not remember a leader who makes statements in electoral silence to launch lunges against the candidates he supports, they point out from the parts of via della Scrofa.

Meloni does not mention the ‘Captain’ but does not hide too much his irritation at what happened in the city of Romeo and Juliet: ” I find curious the continuing controversy by the allies on the lack of appearance in Verona with lots of attacks on the center-right mayor with the polls open, while in Catanzaro Fdi loyally supported a candidate who had also denied us the semblance “.

Meloni chews bitterly for the attitude of the allies (also accused Fi who broke the unity in Verona by supporting Tosi) but thanks to the polls and the ‘overtaking’ on the League in the first round of the municipalities, he thinks about how to heal the fracture launches a appeal to unity to ” avoid further divisions ” and asks Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi an urgent summit for a definitive clarification which, in fact, certifies at least a truce, because ” one cannot risk jeopardizing the result of the policies ”.

The first problem to be resolved to try to leave again, warns the leader of via della Scrofa, is the case of Nello Musumeci. “Enough quarrels, starting with Sicily ”, is the warning. The secretary of the Carroccio welcomes the words of Meloni, but glosses over the Sicilian match: ” For me, the match can also be held tomorrow, it is not possible to lose in the city important because the center-right splits and chooses not to expand and to include other forces and energies, out of fear, calculation or partisan interest. Let’s meet and prepare the next team and the next government project, immediately, together ”.