After The clinic to be reborn Gennaro is unrecognizable: a crazy record, as it has become today

After participating in The clinic to be reborn, Gennaro has become unrecognizable: a crazy record, have you seen how it has become today?

Not only shocking transformations to Vite al Limite, but also a The clinic to be reborn. Also in the Real Time program, many patients took turns who – due to their obesity condition – decided to rely on an expert to start a new life.

Gennaro. Credits: discovery

After that of Roberta, who today is completely another person, also the transformation of Gennaro it absolutely cannot be taken into consideration. Cristiano Giardiello himself, surgeon at the Pineta Grande clinic in Castelvolturno in Campania, could not help but share the excellent results achieved by his patient with his social audience. According to what we learn from the caption written in support of one of his last Instagram posts, in fact, the very nice Gennaro had arrived in his studio with 228 kg, but today he is really unrecognizable. On the official Instagram channel, in fact, the surgeon not only shared a photo of Gennaro before the surgery, but also a photo of him after him to testify how much a different person he is today.

How did Gennaro become today after The clinic to be reborn? Twist of the scene

Without a doubt, Dr. Cristiano Giardiello has seen some sensational transformations in his office, but that of Gennaro it is among the most impressive. Protagonist of the second season of The clinic to be reborn, the young Neapolitan said he had a past and a childhood so difficult that it influenced his weight. He was very young at the time of his participation in the Real Time program, yet his extra kilos – and we are talking about 228 kg – conditioned every movement of him. Thanks to the diet imposed on him by the clinic’s nutritionist and the surgery he underwent, however, Gennaro had the opportunity to start a new life.

Already at the time of his participation in the program, Gennaro had lost many kilos, but this latest photo shared by Dr. Giardiello gives us further confirmation. From a maximum of 228 kg, in fact, the young man managed to weigh exactly 69 kg, showing off a crazy physical shape. Watch it here:

the clinic to be reborn today
Gennaro after. Credits: Instagram

What to say? Gennaro is literally reborn after The clinic to be reborn. And his smile proves it to us. That said, we just have to congratulate him and give him our most sincere compliments.

Where is the clinic located?

Unlike that of Vite al Limite, the clinic of the famous Real Time program is located in Italy and, to be exact, in Campania. The Pineta Grande Hospital clinic, in fact, is located in Castelvolturno. It is a real hospital, which in addition to being specialized in bariatric surgery also has an emergency room.