After the expulsion from Vite al Limite, the unimaginable happened: a dramatic ending

First the expulsion from Vite to the limit, then the dramatic epilogue: after the program the unimaginable happened, you will be stunned!

What happened to this patient of Lives on the Limit, we assure you, it is completely unimaginable. She joined the Houston clinic due to her excessive weight, but also her desire to get back in shape, unfortunately, nothing happened that she herself hoped for. And this, as has happened so many other times, prompted Dr. Nowzaradan to take a drastic decision: expulsion.

Dramatic epilogue after expulsion from Vite al Limite: what happened. Photo Source: Youtube

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There are so many people who, in the course of these nine editions of Vite al Limite, have asked Dr. Nowzaradan for help. And that they managed to complete a truly sensational journey. The protagonist of our article, unfortunately, did not succeed at all. And, in addition to the expulsion wanted and decided by the bariatric surgeon, she was also the victim of another very unpleasant episode. Before explaining what happened, however, let’s proceed in order. Let’s find out his story, his path in the clinic and his sad and dramatic together epilogue.

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First the expulsion from Vite al Limite, then the shocking epilogue: crazy!

It was one of the undisputed protagonists of the sixth season of Vite al Limite, Lisa Fleming. Having joined the program weighing more than 300 kg, the 49-year-old from Mobile had clearly expressed her strong will and intention to get back in shape. Unfortunately, no facts correspond to his thought.

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Throughout her life at Lives at the Limit, Lisa has not at all followed the program entrusted to her by Dr. Nowzaradan. Indeed, to be more precise, initially Fleming was able to follow the words of the bariatric surgeon, but once the surgery was finished, she was not able to maintain a healthy and regulated diet. And, therefore, not only did she start eating again, but she also began to gain weight. From here, therefore, comes a drastic decision: the expulsion. But not only. In 2018, Lisa’s daughter announced her death. Apparently, some pre-existing illnesses appear to have been fatal.

expulsion of the screw to the epilogue limit
Photo Source: Youtube

In short, a rather dramatic ending, no doubt about it.