After the GF Vip finds love again: who is the ex-competitor’s new boyfriend

After the experience of Big Brother Vip, today the former competitor has found love again: who is her new boyfriend

The Big Brother VIP proceeds to the bitter end with its current edition but news and unpublished news do not stop arriving even from faces who took part in the reality show in previous editions.

GF Vip, has found love again (Credits: Instagram) Sologossip

In particular, the protagonist of this evening is one of the former competitors of the Big Brother Vip edition which saw Tommaso Zorzi win. In particular we are therefore talking about the fifth edition of the reality show led by Alfonso Signorini. While participating in the well-known reality show, the then competitor had entered the house with a sentimental situation that seemed to be rather calm. For about 17 years alongside the man with whom she built her family. But then something changed and when she put an end to her experience as a competitor she also had to leave her previous marriage behind. Today, however, he seems to have found love again. And with a shot on social media that makes it all official, she is ready to let people know that she is in love again! But who is the boyfriend of the former Big Brother Vip contestant?

GF Vip 5, the former competitor in love again: who is her new boyfriend

After the experience in the reality show his life has completely changed. To the Big Brother Vip 5 we saw the beloved among the competitors Matilde Brandi. The dancer has made herself better known within the reality show and we have in fact been able to appreciate her in all her nuances. After participating in the GF Vip, however, Matilde Brandi found herself having to face a difficult situation because her marriage was now coming to an end. And so, after years of love, she ended up with Marco Costantini. To date, however, it would seem that Matilde Brandi has found her smile again and all thanks to a man who she has by her side today. Already last summer, although she was very reserved, she was rumored to have a new love. But today she is the dancer herself to formalize everything with a click on social media. But who is the man standing next to her today?

matilde brandi and the new boyfriend
Matilde Brandi with her new boyfriend (Credits: Instagram) Sologossip

Confidentiality aside, we are not given to know particular details. But we can definitely tell you that his name is Francis Tafanelli. In his social biography that we find on Instagram, he describes himself as Sales Agent Manager. A commercial agent who deals with well-known women’s fashion brands of a certain reputation. You work in certain regions of Italy and as you know from your bio you are particularly active in Puglia, Basilicata, Campania, Molise, Lazio, Marche, Umbria, Tuscany, Abruzzo. We don’t know more about him at the moment. What is certain, however, is that he is Matilde Brandi’s new love.