After the holidays in the mountains Ilary Blasi made a decision: what it is

After his holidays in the mountains, Ilary Blasi made a drastic decision: very few imagine what it is all about.

A decidedly different summer than usual, the one that is passing by Ilary Blasi in recent months. After the last episode of his second consecutive edition of The Island of the Famous, the unimaginable really happened: the announcement of the separation from Francesco Totti.

Ilary Blasi vacation. Credits: instagram

The news, as many will remember, had already appeared in all the gossip newspapers some time before the adventure reality, but the presenter had preferred to deny it all to Verissimo. Only after the end of The Island of the Famous, however, her denial proved to be ephemeral: her marriage with Francesco Totti is really over! Since the announcement of their separation, everything has really happened. In fact, in recent weeks it has been rumored that Francesco Totti is about to become a father again. And that Blasi is even ready to leave Rome to take refuge elsewhere. Obviously, the former couple never responded directly to these rumors.

Throughout this period, Francesco Totti has preferred to ‘hide’ behind a social silence unlike his ex-wife, who instead continues to be very active. Between vacation photos and beauty secrets, the presenter is sharing everything with her audience. She wanted to do it too when she, returning from a few days spent in the mountains, she took a net decision. Are you curious to know what it is?

Ilary Blasi, the drastic decision to return from holidays in the mountains

Not only lots of sea and sun, but also mountains! This is precisely the holiday that Ilary Blasi has chosen to allow herself after the end of her marriage with Francesco Totti. On the other hand, with the high temperatures of the last few weeks, he couldn’t make a better choice than this! After Tanzania and Sabaudia, therefore, the TV presenter has chosen to take a little cool in the Dolomites, ending up on everyone’s lips. Perhaps not everyone, however, is aware of what Blasi has decided after these days in the mountains. Have you also seen what happened?

If her ex-husband ended up in the center of attention of the gossip newspapers for the alleged pregnancy of Noemi Bocchi, Ilary Blasi made a drastic decision: return to the ‘origins’. After her holiday in the mountains, in fact, the presenter has chosen to spend a few days with her family and, above all, in the company of her grandmother. On her official social channel, in fact, the beautiful Ilary shared several IG stories that show the beauty of the Marche. Immersed in the landscapes of Cagli and Frontone, Blasi has completely regenerated herself physically and mentally, not losing the opportunity to be able to show everything to her social audience.

blasi decision
Ilary Blasi on Instagram. Credits: Instagram

Waiting to know when he will be back on TV, we will not miss any of Ilary’s social updates. You?