After the leaflets, the rollaways: Motorola presents smartphone prototype

The company has developed new technology for OLEDs that flex, even on PC

Motorola shared its vision of the future in terms of shape innovation at Lenovo Tech World ’22 by introducing a new concept of rollable smartphone. This new rollable concept comes from 312 Labs’ internal Motorola team dedicated to innovation and made up of product, research, design and engineering experts from around the world. 312 Labs explores multiple emerging technological areas, among these, one in particular is reinventing the factors that determine the shape of devices to work on the aspects that can be improved and respond promptly to users, offering them new experiences. This new concept focuses on displays and mechanical innovations provided by Motorola in its foldable devices.

At just over 4 inches tall, the rollable prototype retracts into an extremely pocket-sized form that’s smaller than most other premium devices on the market. Whether it’s a 6.5 “screen or a retracted size for on-the-go convenience, this concept offers numerous opportunities for content creation and entertainment while offering the newfound flexibility of a small wrap-around screen device In addition to the smartphone, Lenovo unveiled the rollable concept applied to the laptop, which would employ similar technology to maximize multitasking and navigation capabilities while maintaining compact dimensions.