After the strong crisis they are about to become parents: the indiscretion makes the fans dream

After the severe crisis they are about to become parents: the indiscretion makes the couple’s fans dream, starring in a beloved TV program.

It was one of the most talked about couples Temptation Island. Couple who participated in the 2020 edition of the Canale 5 documentary, where they decided to get involved after 16 years of love. And their journey on TV was anything but simple.

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At the end of the experience in Temptation Island, after the usual bonfire of confrontation, the two decided to put an end to their relationship. After a while, however, the return of the flame, with the announcement of a marriage that would come shortly. Once again, however, things changed and a new crisis arose between the two. Until last summer, when, through social media, the couple announced that they wanted to try again and give their love another chance. Well, it seems that it is the right time: according to an indiscretion leaked in recent days, the former protagonist of Temptation Island she would be expecting. Let’s find out more.

After the crisis they will become parents: the indiscretion on the beloved couple of Temptation Island

At the moment it is a simple indiscretion since the announcement did not come from those directly involved. To reveal everything was the blogger Deianira Marzano, who shared a report from a user in her stories. User you met the former couple from Temptation Island on the street and could not help but notice a pronounced tummy.

According to the report, Speranza Capasso would be pregnant! Deianira’s follower met Speranza and her partner Alberto Maritato, also sending a photo to the blogger. In the shot, you can see what Hope would be in profile and, in fact, her tummy. We reiterate that this is a simple indiscretion and that, at the moment, the alleged future parents have neither denied nor confirmed the news leaked on social networks.

If the news were confirmed, it would be a sign that, after an infinite push and pull, the couple has finally found serenity, deciding to expand the family. Speranza and Alberto had announced their return of the flame last June, not without fear, given the past. The will to recover the relationship, however, was all there and apparently it paid off. We just have to wait to find out more.

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When Maria De Filippi’s programs begin

As you may have noticed, Temptation Island did not keep viewers company this summer. Soon, however, the beloved De Filippi programs will be back on the air. Men and Women will start on September 19th, while Amici will return with Sunday afternoon, from September 18th. The day before, Saturday 17 September, the new edition of Tu si que vales will start, shooting for which has already started several weeks ago. Are you ready for a new, very rich, TV season?