After Vite al Limite he is another person: his Instagram photos will shock you, incredible

After Vite al Limite is another person: her Instagram photos will upset you, an incredible change for the protagonist of the show.

Of shocking transformations, a Lives on the edge, we have seen so many over the years. The show, whose original title is My 600 lb life, follows the weight loss path of some seriously obese people, who decide to turn to the program to change their life.

Tiffany at Vite al Limite (Youtube Credits)

The broadcast includes a path in the clinic, which lasts 12 months, during which patients are followed by Dr. Nowzaradan, the absolute protagonist of the program. A path that initially involves an initial weight loss with diet and, once the appropriate weight is reached, the intervention of bariatric surgery. Many successes of Dr. Now and among these there is undoubtedly the one linked to the story of Tiffany Barker. The woman weighed more than 300 kg when she turned to the show: curious to see her transformation of her? Her social shots will leave you speechless.

Vite al Limite, Tiffany’s shocking transformation: photos on Instagram

The story of Tiffany Barker was told in April 2019, exactly in the ninth episode of the seventh season of Lives to the Limit. A dramatic story, like almost all those of the protagonists of the Real Time show. For Tiffany too, food proved to be an outlet for escaping the problems of her life. Absent mother and father unable to manage the family and, finally, the dismissal from work, arrived precisely because of the extra pounds, which prevented her from carrying out the simpler functions of everyday life. Tiffany’s suffering was so great that she fell into depression, but at the age of 33 the girl decided to change her life.

It weighed more than three quintals when she turned to the broadcast and, at the end of the twelve months in the Houston clinic, Barker weighed about 188 kg! An incredible weight loss for her, which did not stop there. Even at the end of the experience at Lives on the Edge, Tiffany had the strength and perseverance to continue with a healthy diet and lifestyle. And just take a look at her social channel to find out that, today, the girl it really looks like another person. Here are some selfies shared by her on Instagram:

lives to the limit instagram
Tiffany after Lives on the edge (Instagram Credits)

Oh yes, really lovely. A real rebirth for Tiffany, who has become very active on social media, from Instagram at Tik Tok. On the latter platform, the girl regularly publishes videos, through which she interacts with her followers. Tiffany has also created a column on social media, entitled Life as a Leasing agent, where she talks about her new job. In short, a shocking change! And you, have you followed her story on TV?